Sasquatch Review: Docuseries Hulu Is A Fascinating True Crime Keeper

Sasquatch is Hulu’s latest documentation investigating the criminal underworld surrounding mythical creatures. We all know the urban myth of Bigfoot. A conspiracy was pushed into the zeitgeist after 1967 to find a tape containing “Bigfoot”. A new documentary series about Hulu explores this urban legend. However, if you went into the series expecting some kind … Read more

Taxi Driver Episode 8

Taxi Driver Episode 8 will be released soon. The ongoing hit series has garnered a large fan base for the show. In the near future, the drama will release its 7th and 8th episodes. After the absolutely amazing 6th episode, fans are looking forward to the new episode. The final episode ends on a note … Read more

Top 15 Movies And Shows Of Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin is one of the most celebrated screenwriters, producers, directors, and writers. He has been awarded countless times for his effortless work. He has been known to give the characters a ‘rhythmic, fast-paced dialogue. You may notice that in the scripts, the characters talk a lot and sometimes over one another for an exciting … Read more