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Here’s all the information you need to know about the upcoming K-Drama Yumi’s Cells. The series is an adaptation of Lee Dong-gun’s popular webtoon of the same name. The webtoon aired 512 chapters in 4 seasons from April 1, 2015 and November 13, 2020. This romantic comedy series follows Yumi Kim and the many cells within her that run her body. The series is confirmed with only two actors who will be the main protagonists of the show. Kim Go Eun will play Yumi and Ahn Bo Hyun will play Goo Woong. Moreover, Lee Sang Yeob will direct all episodes. In addition, Song Jae Jung and Kim Yoon Joo are the screenwriters for the show.

Lee Sang Yeob is a popular South Korean director who directed series such as “Familiar Wife” and Shopping King Louie. ”In addition, co-writer Song Jae Jung was popular for his work“ Memories of the Alahambra ”, and Kim Yoon Joo wrote series that received critical acclaim. “Find Me in Your Memory.” The series will also welcome rookie screenwriter Kim Kyung Ran, who will work with them throughout the season.

Yumi's Cell K-Drama release date

Ahn Bo Hyun (Left) and Kim Go Eun (Right)

What is the Plot Series?

Following Yumi’s daily life, the series tells the story of this 32-year-old ordinary office worker. She is not very good at expressing her feelings and that is the main reason she has been single for many years. The series follows her as she grows as a person and finds happiness through her romantic relationships and work. The cells in his body represent various emotions such as love, violence, rationality, good and bad. The cells in the brain work actively to deal with emotions and problems.

Yumi likes her younger partner, Wook. However, many things prevented him from pursuing him. One of them is his insecurity for his age and the other reason is his love rival Ruby. Yumi is not willing to take risks even with her cells working to do anything for her happiness. What’s more, Wook approached Yumi, wanting to talk to her and go out with her. This gave Yumi the impression that she was also attracted to him. However, Wook set him up on a blind date with his friend, Goo Woong. Also, Yumi finds out that Wook is homosexual, ruining any opportunity to be with him.

This annoys Yumi and she accidentally ruins her blind date with Woong. In the middle of a date, he collapsed due to excessive stress and Woong took him to a nearby hospital. They finally got together. However, after Yumi expressed his thoughts on marrying him, Woong denied it because his game studio was unstable. Because he wasn’t sure he could make her happy and economically stable, he never thought about marriage. The series continues with Yumi’s romantic struggles as her cell works hard to make the right decisions for her happiness.

Character description

Yumi Kim: He was a reclusive food lover who was in his early thirties. He initially likes Wook, but he turns down the opportunity to be with him because of his homosexuality. Yumi finally starts dating Wook’s friend, Woong, who she arranged for a blind date.

Wook: He is Yumi’s colleague and younger than her. Unaware of his homosexuality, Wook has many admirers in the company, including Yumi and Ruby. He works in the advertising department. After Yumi and Woong got together, Wook helped the couple and stopped Sia from breaking up with them.

Ruby: She is Yumi’s former love rival and does whatever she can to be with Wook. However, all his efforts were in vain after he found out that Wook was gay. Ruby is manipulative and has excellent flirting skills. Although Yumi and Ruby have differences, at first, the two eventually become close friends. Ruby has a hard time forgetting her unrequited love for Wook.

Goo Woong: He is Wook’s best friend and a gaming geek. However, his nerdy and geeky tendencies died down after starting dating Yumi. Still, his love for video games forced him to start his own game studio.

Sia Seo: He is Woong’s co-worker and really likes him. However, Sia is very possessive of Woong and tries to use a lot of underhand means to stop him with Yumi.

Yumi’s Cell K-Drama Release Date

The K-drama from Yumi’s Cells will follow the basic story of the webtoon. The series will begin filming in the first half of 2021. Filming will at least finish after June 2021. Given the time it takes for editing, promotion, and other pre-release activities, Yumi’s Cells will be released on Tuesday. autumn 2021. Drama production company Studio Dragon has confirmed that the series will premiere in 2021. So, although there has been no official announcement for the release date of the series, we can safely say that it will definitely air before December 2021 ends.

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