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Today we will see the Final Episode of Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess. Let’s see how the girls will stop bad things from happening. In the real world, Mr. Higurashi meets Towa’s home teacher, Osamu Kirini. Sota Osamu member and greet him. Osamu asks about Towa and mentions he has not been present since he was transferred. Sota makes up a story about Towa who is sick.

Osamu looks up at the sky and comments that it is already 500 years, but that it is a comet that is said to be approaching Earth every 470 years. Sota said he had just heard the rumors, but they had never been seen by the human eye. Osamu can see the comet, but Sota can’t see it. He concluded that normal humans could not see him. Meanwhile, on the Beast of the Other Side, King Kirinmaru was looking at the comet.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 24 Release Date

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 24 will be released on Saturday, March 20, 2020, at 17.30 on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Let’s see what are the updates from the last episode, a recap of the last episode, and a preview is offered below.

Previously on Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 23

Beast King Kirinmaru realized that he could not ignore the impending danger. He decided to do something about it. Meanwhile, Kirinmaru-Zero’s older sister was in the forest looking at the texture of the ground. Beautiful Mysterious Demon-Zero thought that his last card should be played in Moroha. She has done her roles in Towa and Setsuna. He managed to release the beast inside Setsuna’s body. But Husui sealed the beast’s power within Setsuna’s sword.

After the seal was finished, Setsuna left and had a vein mark on his hand. He was worried that he would return to being an animal again. Beautiful Mysterious Demon-Zero wants to draw his last card to finish the set. He aimed to unleash the power of the three princesses. He wanted to see if they could beat Kirinmaru and serve him. But Sesshomaru realized that the best was starting to enter Setsuna’s body.

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Blood Knife

Riku arrives, and he asks how Towa can manipulate his own power. He replied that he did not believe that Towa had the power hidden within him. Demon-Zero commented that he took Riku’s words. Riku apologizes that he’s useless, and he tells her he doesn’t know how to lie. Demon-Zero walks into the house, but he finds out that Riku has the Towa Silver Pearl. Meanwhile, Moroha falls asleep at Jyubei’s house.

Jyubei is talking to Towa and Setsuna about the Blood Sword. He says that Setsuna’s mark is Blood Sword. Jubei reveals that if Setsuna is Sesshomaru’s biological daughter, she has inherited a powerful demonic blood. Things like poison claws, blood blades, and the flow of demonic energy within Setsuna. Setsuna thought that one day he would be able to control his strength. Jyubei told him to ask his father about it.

Moroha wakes up looking for an attractive bounty hunting job. Jyubei replied that some people wanted to hire them. Hisui arrives and reveals that Azusa no Yumihira is here. Setsuna reveals that once dawn breaks, they will kill the Beautiful Mysterious Demon-Zero. He said that it was time to repay his debt to Demon-Zero. Sendaru visits Ladyship Sesshomaru’s mother.

Three Princesses Strike Back

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Madam and Kirinmaru were talking about Sheshomaru’s daughter. Kirinmaru reveals that the three princesses are after him. He won’t let them go unscathed, and he asks if the windmill’s time has moved on. Madam says not yet, and she doesn’t care about the three daughters. At the same time, the three princesses met the Beautiful Mysterious Demon-Zero. Towa attacks Demon-Zero, who complements it.

Demon Zero mentioned that he wanted to see Towa’s true strength. Setsuna fought with Riku. Two swords of exchange, and Setsuna’s attack with the Cyclone Blurst and the Scourge Swallows. Riku cuts off Setsuna’s attacks while Towa is sent flying with a Demon-Zero attack. Moroha rushed in with the Crimson Dragon Wave, which destroyed everything in the building. Demon-Zero asked them if they were trying to get revenge.

Moroha counterattacked with Backlash Wave which would finish off Demon-Zero. Riku appeared and used the Great Demon-Dog’s ashes to stop Moroha’s attack. The three princesses surrounded Riku and Demon Zero. Riku reveals about the Pearl he had stolen, and Demon-Zero took them all. He used the power of the Seven Pearls to attack the three princesses. But Setsuna’s power awakens, and he kills Demon-Zero with one slash.

At the same time, Kirinmaru noticed that the windmill’s time had moved on. Sesshomaru noticed that Demon-Zero was dying; she wonders who hit him. Towa and Setsuna’s mother, Rin, has been revived since Demon-Zero died. After his death, Demon-Zero was sent to the underworld. Sesshomaru arrives at the scene and uses Tensegi to revive Demon-Zero. Kirinmaru also arrived at the battle; the girls were happy they were going to kill him.

Preview of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 24

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