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After defeating the Huma-eating Demon Totetsu, Towa realizes that Rika has stolen his Silver Pearl. Rika has five Pearls, only Morhoha Pearl and Setsuna are left. Rika plans to create a powerful demon using the seven Rainbow Pearls. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon will release its final episode next week; let’s find out more below.

In the past, Beast King Kirinmaru, Great Dog-Demon, Beautiful Mysterious Demon-Zero had gathered near the river. Kirinmaru and Dog-Demon fight against a meteorite that falls from the sky. Kirinmaru destroyed the first using the Blasting Barrade, and the Do-Demon using Meido Zangetsuha. They also defeated the monster snake army. Demo-Zero comments that Grim Comet is receding. That day the Dog-Demon left and returned to the Western Side.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 23 Release Date

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 23 will be released on Saturday, March 13, 2020, at 17.30 on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Let’s take a look at what updates, recap of the last episodes, and a preview is offered below.

Previously on Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 22

Currently, Hisui’s father, Muroku, is continuing his training. He is visited by a woman who claims to be Otsuyu. He praised Muroku for his thousand days of training, and he said he was looking for the right direction. After hearing his speech, Muroku concluded that Otsuyu was not human and asked who he was.

He noticed that Otsuyu didn’t seem to have demonic-powers, and he wasn’t an appearance. Otsuyu replied that it might be appropriate to call her a bad woman. Muroku replied that he knew what would happen if he called him in front of Sango. He asks her why is she here. Otsuyu tells Muroku to realize the half demon girl seal.

Tsuchiguno Silk

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Muroku asks what he means Setsuna and what will happen if he refuses. Otsuyu replied that he would do it by force. He pints at Muroku, calling him a monk who still has a heart. He removed Tsuchiguno’s silk and trapped Muroku with the ground. Muroku comments that he thinks he doesn’t have demonic powers.

Otsusyu touched Muroku’s hand and told him that he would lend him the result of his training, the power of the seal. He released the power and stole the seal along with Muroku’s power. Meanwhile, Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa are taking a walk in the village. Moroha reminded them that he had given them a share of Totetsu’s bounty.

He wonders why they fell so badly, and Towa says it’s not about the prize. Setsuna reveals that Mr. Jubye promised to introduce him to a good sharpener. Setsuna thought that the blade had lost its tip. Moroha reveals that the sharpener they were talking about was him. Meanwhile, on Kirinmaru’s boat, Demon-Zero asks where he got his wound. He thought Seshsomaru’s daughter was the one who injured him.

Kirinmaru replied that the girls were not at the level to challenge him. They are still growing, and they need more time to master their power. Demon-Zero said that even a Beast King like him would not be spared if their seal materialized. She left Kirinmaru wondering ever since she realized that she was fighting Sesshomaru, and it ended in a draw.

Kirinmaru Brother

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

In the village, Moroha is sharpening Setsuna’s sword. Setsuna thinks Moroha is not a good sharpener, and Moroha says no sharpener can beat him. Setsuna asks Muroha why he didn’t finish it, and he replies that it’s because Setsuna’s demonic blood has gotten stronger. The poison sealed in the blade affected its sharpness. The three of them decide to visit Muruko and ask about Setsuna’s sword.

On their way, they meet a woman who claims to be Otsuyu, and she is selling apples. He uses his power to control Towa. She is happy that Riku stole Towa’a’s Silver Pearl, and she has nothing to protect her from. Setsuna realized that he knew the woman, but he couldn’t remember her name. Moroha and Setsuna couldn’t fight back.

Otsuyu is happy that his life is tied to Towa and Towa’s mother, Rin. If they try to kill him, three people will die. Otsuyu headed towards Setsuna who realized he wanted to break the seal. The seal was released because Towa held Setsuna’s hand. Setsuna started to go berserk. Setsuna turns into a real devil and realizes that the woman in front of him is not Otsuyu. The woman reveals that she is the Beautiful and Mysterious Zero-Devil, Kinrimaru’s sister.

Moroha attacked Demon-Zero with his Crison Wave Dragon and Heavelyt Arrow. Demo-Zero detonates the attack. He told them to take their training, and he disappeared. Moroha and Towa try to absorb Setsuna’s raging demonic power using their swords. In the forest, Sesshomaru noticed that Setsuna was on a rampage. They managed to seize Setsuna and seal the demonic power in his sword.

Preview of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 23

read Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 22; next week we will close the last episode.

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