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Today we will see the latest update of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Note that only two episodes are left to conclude this anime. Sendaru’s retainer, Riku, learns that the Dog-Demon from the West has been spotted in Kamakura. He was outside the ship where the Beautiful Mystery Demon-Zero, Beast King Kirinmaru, and the other demons were having a meeting. Konton and Kyuki thought that this was their chance to attack and kill him.

Kyuki comments that they will eventually rule the entire country. Konton asked Kirinmaru to give them orders. Kirinmaru says she doesn’t attack people who are weak or injured. He wants to win a fair and square fight. Kirinmaru didn’t want the other demons to see him as a weak devil waiting for another demon to get hurt and attack. He told Konton that battles must be won with respect. Kirinmaru called Riku to enter.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 22 Release Date

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 22 will be out on Saturday, March 6, 2020, at 17.30 on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Check out the update, recap the last episode, and preview it below.

Previously on Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 21

Riku teleported inside the ship and bowed in front of Kirinmaru. Kirinmaru told him to collect medicinal herbs and give them to the Demon-Dog. He wanted to face the Dog-Demon one on one after he recovered. Riku spun the earring and teleported to the forest to collect medicinal herbs. Beautiful Mystery Demon-Zero comments that if it weren’t for Kirinmaru, they would have ruled the entire country.

Shikon Jewel Bad Prophecy

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Riku managed to collect his herbs when he arrived at the mansion. He found that it was burning and concluded that it was too late; The Great Demon Dog is dead. One of the villagers commented that Izayo’s house was on fire. She twisted her earring back and arrived at the boat. Riku tells Beautiful Mystery Demon-Zero what happened at Izayo’s mansion. He couldn’t believe the Great Demon Dog had died.

Demon-Zero comments that they are all demons, and they are destined to walk an endless path. To wander through eternal destiny. He thought the Shikon Jewel’s ominous prophecy had come true. Riku reveals that Izayoi and the half-demon child survived, but only the Great fell. Demon-Zero says he knows, but those who are loved are destined to end up in beauty. Riku comments that what comes from Demon-Zero’s eyes is pretty.

Demon-Zero pushed Riku and asked if he thought her tears were pretty. He tells Riku that he has bad taste. Demon-Zero said that he would never shed these sad tears again. He squeezed the Shikon Jewel to grant his wish, and the moment his tears touched the Jewel, the Seven Rainbow Pearls appeared.

Rainbow Pearl Secret

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Demon-Zero reveals that the Seven Rainbow Pearls contain both demonic power and the power of the Shikon Jewel. She said she was no longer a devil now, and Riku noticed that she wasn’t sad. Riku stole three of the Seven Rainbow Pearls and hid them. It’s been two hundred years since that incident happened. Riku took out three Rainbow Pearls. He lifted hers and said it wouldn’t be long until she got all the Seven Rainbow Pearls.

Meanwhile, Setsuna told Towa not to leave the house tonight. Towa comes out at night with Hisui, who asks why Towa has to stay inside the house. Setsuna reveals that it is a new moon night, and Towa turns into a real human. The next day he will return to his half demon form. Kaeda talks to Towa about her mother, Rin, who gave birth and disappeared. Kaeda says it’s been 14 years since Rin disappeared.

Later, Towa comes out after he sees the spirit dream butterfly. While Totestu wanted to take revenge, he realized that today was a new moon day, one of the half demons lost his powers. He took out a Rainbow Pearl which took him to its target. Riku arrived at Towa’s place, but he was after his Rainbow Pearl. While he was drinking tea with him, Totetsu also came. They started fighting for who would get the Towa Pearl.

Silver Pearl

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Totetsu said he wondered how it felt like Riku maybe he was like Mr. Kirinmaru. He tried to eat Riku, but Riku managed to jump away. Riku fought all night to protect Towa so Totetsu wouldn’t get the Rainbow Pearl. Then Hisui, Moroha, and Setsuna arrived. They attacked Totetsu, who realized that the sun was about to set. As the sun went down, Totetsu decided to run away.

Towa returned to his half-demon form and told Totetsu to do what he did. Totetsu spat out a flying cloud and rode it, but Riku moved the sword that cut off Totetsu’s head. Riku took the Ranbow Totetsu Pearl. Towa realized how Riku protected him and gave him the Silver Pearl. Riku couldn’t believe that he was giving it away for free because he planned to steal it.

He leaves the forest, and Setsuna questions Towa why he gave him the Silver Pearl. He comments that he hopes Riku doesn’t work with Kinrunmaru and that he won’t use Pearls for evil. Towa realizes that Riku is fooling him, and he decides to get back his Pearl. Riku has five Rainbow Pearls, only two left for his mission.

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