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This weak episode is titled The Hidden Village for Half Demons. Setsuna with Towa driving Cat Demon Kirara. Towa wonders why Setsuna is in such a hurry, and he asks her. Setsuna told him to shut up; she will see when they reach their goal. Towa continues to question Setsuna about the mountains and why they went so deep. Setsuna reveals that this was a forest that burned when they were young.

This is where the two separate. Towa apologizes that he couldn’t recognize the forest that burned when they were four years old. Setsuna tells him that it’s okay, but he grew up with Miss Shiori and the other kids. He shows Towa a secret that Miss Shiori created for the half-demon. Setsuna reveals how she was taken when she was four years old and sent to a hidden village. Let’s find out more about today’s episode below.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 21 will be released on Saturday, February 27, 2020, at 17.30 JST. You can wear this Yashamhime Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

Previously on Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 20

Setsuna was taken by the double-headed dragon A-Un with Sesshomaru’s follower, Jaken. Jaken sends Setsuna near a hidden village. He left her there, told her to live, and Setsuna tried to enter the village, but the barrier didn’t allow him. The children who saw him told him to come back because humans were not allowed. The twins jumped out after realizing that Setsuna didn’t answer them.

They asked Setsuna if he was half demon, and the village chief, half demon, Shiori, came. Shiori asked them what happened, and she looked at Setsuna. Shiori asked Setsuna if she was okay, and Setsuna gave her a letter written to take care of her. He invited Setsuna to a hidden village inhabited by half-demon children. Shiori is a half demon from the Demon Bat Tribe with the power to create barriers. He used the barrier to protect the peace of the village.

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Scourge of Swallows

The twins tell Setsuna that they are half demon Futa and Raita. Futa asked Setsuna what happened to his parents, and Setsuna said he didn’t know. Futa reveals that humans killed his parents, and Raita says demons killed his parents. Setsuna is used to village life without knowing what happened to his parents. They go out to collect food during the day, but at night they hide, and Setsuna doesn’t mind it.

He never asked why they continued to hide. Shiori taught Setsuna to read and write as well as how to protect himself. Setsuna learns to use his sword, but one day he finds out why they have to keep hiding and why barriers protect the village. That day he witnessed the demons trying to break down the barrier. Some of the demons gave up, but some of them kept coming every day, trying to break down the barrier. Even humans try and fail.

The formidable devil poses a threat to the barrier, and Setsuna, Futaro, and Raita combine their attacks and defeat the demons. That was the day Setsuna showed the power of the Scourge of Swallows. The three of them work together every day in bringing down threats that seek to destroy the hidden village. But Shiori was sad about something because she hoped the world would become something different. Setsuna spent six years living in a hidden village.

Demon Slayer

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

Half-Demon Princess Yashahime

After six years, Shiori received a letter stating that Setsuna must return to his home village. Setsuna doesn’t like going back because he likes everyone in the hidden village. Shiori tells Setsuna that demons can live among humans without any problems. Shiori managed to convince Setsuna, and he left the hidden village. He ended up in a village where Pastor Kaeda lived. When she was the Stsuna was angry when the bandits arrived at the village.

He defeated them and wanted to kill them, but Kaeda told Setsuna that they couldn’t solve the problem using force. Setsuna uses the Scourges of Swallows and cuts the hair of the bandits. They fled with the cheese cupping to report to their boss. Setsuna tells Kaeda if they don’t kill the enemy, they will come back for revenge. Setsuna leaves the village and heads to a hidden village where he lives peacefully again.

But a demon named Gaga Gozen is waiting for the day Shiori loses her powers, and they will break through the barrier. The day arrived, and Goga Gozen attacked the hidden village with his army. He started to dominate the half-demon, but Setsuna’s demonic instincts awakened. He killed Goga Gozen by cutting it in half with his claws.

Setsuna started to rampage because of his demonic instincts. Murou appeared and did a temptation that made Setsuna fall asleep. In the morning, the people’s ritual where they unleash Setsuna’s demonic power and put it in the sword he uses. Back in the present, two demons appear, and he kills them using the Sword he got from the hidden village. They died realizing that Setsuna is not a week girl, she is a demon slayer.

Preview of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 21

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