Xtreme Ending Explanation: Plot, Climax, and Twist (Article ready)

Xtreme is a Spanish-language Netflix action revenge film. Daniel Benmayor has directed the film with a screenplay from Teo García, Ivan Ledesma, and Genaro Rodriguez. The film stars Jaeneda scar, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, and Casas scar in the lead roles. This fast-paced action thriller follows a Spanish hitman who is about to retire from gang life. When a dangerous gang member kills his son, he embarks on a quest for revenge. Killing men left and right, Xtreme provides a bloody treat for action-hungry viewers. If the ending of Xtreme confuses you, we are here to clear all doubts. Tread carefully if you haven’t finished the movie, because SPOILERS are ahead!

This film is about Maximo, a high-ranking assassin who belongs to the Barcelona gang. Maximo is loyal to his boss, who considers him his son. However, Maximo wants to retire from the gang life and move on with life. He had one last job he had to do before that, that involved finalizing a deal between his gang and the Colombian gang. Lucero, the biological son of Max’s boss, has other plans for the deal. He tried to kill all the Colombians and his father, seizing all the money and power. He ended up killing the Colombian and then his father too. Despite the complete stress of the bloodshed, Max is about to retire so he leaves. But while he is packing his bags with his teenage son, Ander, another hitman from the gang named Finito visits them. Carrying a personal vendetta, Finito completes his task and kills Max’s son.

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Maria/Xtreme (2021).

While apparently being killed by Finito, we soon see that Max survived. Two years later, we met Leo, a teenager Ander’s age, who was selling drugs to make ends meet. When she finds herself caught in the middle of a threatened drug trade, a mysterious man saves her. The mysterious man was none other than Maximo. Turns out he survived the fire two years ago, thanks to Maria. Max has been hunting for Lucero to avenge him. Lucero will come out of hiding, appear in the Conclave, the meeting of the mafia. Meanwhile, Finito learns about Max and begins to complete what he couldn’t finish two years ago. Discovering the connection between Leo and Max, he kills Leo’s family. Max sends Leo to the safe house and finds his way to Lucero. The ending sees him try and seek burning revenge on those who wronged him.

Xtreme Ending Explained

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Maximo will duel with Lucero in a sword fight.

Maximo texts Lucero, telling him that he is alive and has come for his life. He found his way to Lucero through a casino called Rain Man. Urquiza operates the casino, and when he injures Leo’s hand is when Max finds out about the connection. He went to the casino and overpowered all the guards alone. He also learned that about €98 million would be sent to the casino that night. With Maria, Max steals the money, and along with the bloodshed and stolen money, Lucero receives the message.

Overcome by grief at the loss of his family, Leo takes Maria’s gun and goes to kill Finito. In contrast, Finito easily molests him and beats him mercilessly. Just as he was about to finish him off, Maria arrived to save Leo and took him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lucero sends one of his men to kill Max. Through this man, Max learns that Lucero has contacted Russian mafia leader Dmitry. He also tells him that Lucero seems to be unifying the Conclave. A fight ensues, and Max eventually emerges victorious, killing the man.

Did Max Get His Revenge And Final Round?

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The climactic sword fight between Lucero and Maximo.

At the end of Xtreme, we see a high-octane bloody sequence of Max taking on Lucero’s army and then him. He started hot, killing Lucero’s men left and right. He slowed down a bit later but managed to kill them all in the end. The climax sees Max fighting Lucero in a sword fight. Max takes control of Lucero, defeating him. However, just as he is about to finish him off, Finito appears with Maria, whom he kidnaps on Lucero’s orders. The ball is the court of the antagonists now. Max and Maria are on the verge of failing to avenge the dead. But just as Finito is about to kill Max, he strikes back, dealing a fatal blow that kills him.

After killing Finito, Maria and Max join forces and stab Lucero to death. The ending of Xtreme saw Leo recover and return to health. We also learn that Dmitry was the one who arranged the meeting between Lucero and Maximo. On the call Maria received from Dmitri, she learned that there was no conclave that day. It would happen the next day instead. We realize that the whole ordeal was created by Dmitry to get rid of Lucero. We also learn that Dmitri was the one who saved Max at Maria’s request. Leo, with Maria and Max, got in the car with the money and went to a happy ending.

Xtreme is available for streaming on Netflix.

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