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The fighting continued, and it was now two on one. Katori faces Kuga and Osamu, but there are two Bail-outs. He attacks Osamu and takes him out with one hit. Kuga uses wire to attack Katori. The commentators reveal that the Trion’s supply system was destroyed, Bail-out. Don’t miss the last three episodes of World Trigger Season 2. Let’s find out what happened to Captain Katori, who thought Kuga was done for.

After being attacked by Kuga, Captain Katori Bail-out, and Kuga was declared the winner. The last goalscorer was 7-1-1, Tamakoma-2 won the match. Kuga sighed and with relief he made at the end even though his Trion was licking. All thanks to the Scorpion he used to cover his wounds. In the end, he came face to face with Katori, who lost in one fell swoop. Let’s find out more about the winners below

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 9 will be out on Sunday, March 14, 2021, at 1:30 a.m. Crunchyroll. Find out more about Tamakoma-2 below. New episodes will arrive on Sundays after the latest episodes are released.

Previously on World Trigger Season 2 Episode 8

Commentators said the battle was evenly matched, but it ended in a big victory. Chika, Osamu, and Shiori congratulate Kuga for bringing out the last card. Osamu’s tactics have provided even bigger wins and it’s all thanks to teamwork. Tamakoma-2 celebrates their victory in the strategy room. The fans watching were dumbfounded by their appearance. Sakurato Taketomi said that they could review this match.

Secret Technique

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Izumi commented that they saw many of Tamakoma’s new techniques. He said that he felt sorry for the troops who fought Tamakoma without any prior information. Tokieda mentions that Tamakoma has mended the road to victory. They strategically control the game along the way. They did as in their match with Suwa and Arafune’s troops. Taketomi is impressed that Tamakoma has just come back from defeat.

Taketomi wonders about Tamakoma’s new tactic. Izumi reveals that his secret technique is a four-edged cable. He also said what people thought about Tamakoma and their tactics. They think Tamakoma is weak and their ace is the only strong one. But Osamu’s idea is to make Ace, even more, stronger during the fight. The wire they made shows Osamu’s flexible mind. Izumi comments that this is a great and practical way to use the Trion.

Osami realized that Kitora helped him a lot by teaching him to make Spider using cubes. Meanwhile, Juan told Kitora that Osamu’s team had won by seven points. The news of Tamakoma’s victory spread everywhere. Returning to the hall, Taketomi comments that the main goalscorer is still Agent Kuga. Tokieda also talked about cutting Chika. He reveals that the Kakizaki Squad could beat Agent Kuga if it was simple 3-on-1.

Kakazaki troops

The cables and sniping that paralyzed the shields distracted them. Agent Kuga takes advantage of catching the enemy off guard. Kuga finishes off the enemy without getting too close to them. The first sniping strategy gave him the edge. In the strategy room, Kuga comments that Tokieda is still smart as usual. Taketomi asked about the other two squads. They started analyzing the performance of the other two squads during the battle.

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Tokeida revealed that the Kakizaki Troop moved in their usual fashion. In order for them to win the battle, they should have attacked Chika earlier. But they stick to the three-person formation which backfired on them. Kakazaki apologized to his troops and was blamed because they lost because of him. He reveals that he should have come up with a plan to get them moving freely. His Quad comforted him and told him they didn’t know the Lead Bullets.

Teruya comments that the stable formation Kakazaki created is their stable power. She advised him to throw away their formation just because they lost. Madoka suggested that they should add a 2-to-1 partner in their formation as a split maneuver. Teruya mentioned that they can also add solo moves to their basic tactics. The squad begins planning their new tactic. While Izumi revealed that Teruya did a good job, he blocked Main Bullet sniping.

Away Mission

He also grabbed the Lead Bullet Hound Chika and took him out. Izumi says Kazaki will become Tamakoma’s future opponent. He said that it was impossible to avoid the Lead Bullet Hound at first glance, but Teruya was successful. But Chika took too long to carry out her plan, which is why Teyaru took it out. Shiori tells Chika that they will try her new moves on the field. Katori’s troop is not at his best because he is always running wild, and the other two are supporting him.

Then Hyuse decided to join Tamakoma and Osamu said he would talk to his superiors as captain. They head to High-up, and Hyuse informs them that he will help them on the Away Mission. But he would not betray his master and provide them with information. The higher-ups started thinking about Hyuse’s condition ever since he wanted to go home.

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 9 Preview

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