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The battle between squads continues in World Trigger Season 2. Tamakoma-2 becomes the main target of all squads because they have a threat and might win the battle. It is revealed that the Neighbors may have arrested Chika’s family or friends. Koga caught Kakazaki off guard and stabbed him in the stomach. Kakazaki smiled that he knew Kuga was strong. But he unleashed the trigger and fired several shots at Kuga, which was sent flying.

Kakazaki comments that he didn’t come here to lose. Kuga lands on the ground, and it has been reported that the limits of the Trion’s body have been exceeded. Captain Kakazaki Bail-out and Chika comment that Kakazaki is planning to take Kuga with him. Commentators revealed that Kuga was guarding his heart but was badly injured. Kuga will probably do a bail-out due to the Trion leak. Kuga surprised them by dressing his wound with Scorpion.

World Trigger Season 2nd Episode 8 Release Date

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 8 will be released Sunday, February 14, 2021, 1:30 a.m. in Crunchyroll. Let’s see what Osamu is up to with Kuga below.

Previously on World Trigger Season 2 Episode 7

Since Kuga used Scorpion to bandage his wounds, it was revealed that this was a quick way to stop the Trion’s leak. Commentators are thrilled that Scorpion can be used to do just that. Captain Kakazaki was good at changing tactics and aiming to kill each other. But Kuga was one step ahead of Kakazaki, and he had lost a lot of Trions.

If Kuga takes more damage, he’ll be out, and Agent Kuga is now free to move. Commentators wonder who he would vote for between Osamu and Chika. They also reveal that Agent Tayeru has lost his team and what he is going to do. Kakazaki’s unit has been annihilated, and only Teyaru remains; this will be Showdown. Teyaru realizes that Chika is still the most isolated, and he decides to get Chika before Kuga arrives.


World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Katori’s troops realized that Kakazaki had been taken down. They decide to take down Osamu before Kuga appears. Katori notices that Osamu is on guard and asks Rokuro to do something about him. He comments that Rokuro is ranked higher than Osamu. Katori teases Rokuro that he kept ordering him and now he can’t do anything. He also tells him that Teyaru is after the Snipers, but he can’t shoot them for now. Hana tells Katori’s army that they can beat Osamu now.

He ordered Yoka and Rokuro to get behind Osamu in half-stealth mode. That’s when the two of them will be behind him, and Katori will be in front of him. Hana said the Tamakoma-2 trick was unknown. So they shouldn’t forget to avoid their wires, and Yoko had to get Osamu’s attention. They both move to attack Osamu while Teyaru dodges the bullets that come from Chika. Teyaru hides nearby and realizes that approaching makes for an accurate shot.

Teyaru thought that if he took one more shot, he would finish off Chika. Shiori warns Osamu that the enemy is using Chamelion and Bagworm to confuse them. Osamu replied that he would fight them. They started firing a few shots, but he used his shield to block their bullets. Katori told Osamu that he knew his squad wanted to make it to the Guests squad. She also said she knew that their brother or friend had been kidnapped.

Two Bail-Outs

The commenters noticed that Katori said something, but they couldn’t hear. Katori asks if Osamu thinks he can make A-Rank so easily. He reminds Osamu that the Ninomiya Army destroyed his army. Katori reveals that his dream will come true for the sake of a loved one. Osamu replied that he didn’t understand what he was saying, but he was aiming for the Away Squad. Yoka and Rakuro attacked Osamu from behind.

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Osamu used a red wire and a cube to support his back, but Yoka managed to cut one wire. Rakuro was tricked, and Osamu activated the Thruster. Rakuro blocked the attack using his trigger. But Osamu releases the Asteroid Planted Bullets, and just as the two want to save Rokuro, Kuga arrives. Katori notices that Kuga is injured, and only one strong blow can knock him out. He realized that he could Bail-out immediately if he got out of the Trion leak.

I also don’t waste time; he got Yoka and Rokuro out in no time with Osamu’s help. The wire zone still benefits Kuga, and he cuts off Katori’s arm which is carrying the weapon. Thecommntaor said that their battle ended in an instant, twice the Bail-out of Katori Squad. Katori was surprised to see the strong couple in front of him. He thought that they were outnumbered and unplanned. But his troops fell on the Tamakoma-2 trap.

Hound-Lead Bullet

Captain Katori is now cornered, and Osamu’s men score 4 points. Han confessed to Katori that his tactics were wrong. Katori decided to drop the two of them. She looks at them and comments to herself that this man thinks that they are the center of the world. He started shooting rapidly, and the two of them waited for his Trion to run out. Such shooting would also damage Katori and commentators say Tamakoma’s fighting style is solid.

Meanwhile, Teyaru moves towards Chika, who is waiting for her to jump and knock her down. Chiki catches Tayeru using Hound with Leads Bullets, but Tayeru takes Chika out and a Bail-out. He took a wise step because Tamakoma would knock him down. The battle between the three still continues.

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 8 Preview

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