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The Sixth Round of the B-Rank War is about to begin, and Osamu is preparing with his troops. Hyuse was abandoned because he attended the welcoming ceremony. Osamu reveals that they will see Ikoma and Oji’s troops. The two squads are strong and stable at the top of the B-Rank group. Meanwhile, Ikoma thinks Tamakoma-2 is strong. Satoshi comments that return fire is the fastest way to defeat Amatori Chika. Ikoma’s squad counts Oki to handle Chika and Kai, Hosoi agrees with the others.

Oji’s army also talked about Tamakoma-2, and Oji decided to go with Cityscape A. Kashio asked Oji about fighting the Tamakoma cable. Kazuki told Kashio to relax and listen to Oji’s plan. Oji reveals that Tamakoma’s strategy uses two different tactics. Choose an open field to avoid their wiring advantageous to their Primary Bullet. Choosing a complex map to avoid sniping will take Oji’s troops into the wired zone. He also revealed that Tamakoma used the terrain to make the enemy fight.

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Oji also said that he thought choosing such an extreme map meant they could play the game. Kittaka revealed that a complicated map would not work against their complicated style. Kashio realized that the map was for controlling their enemy and to reduce the risk of their loss. Oji reveals that Tamakoma intends to distance them from their usual appearance. If they can act normally, they can beat them.

Oji reveals that their main plan is to attack quickly and prioritizes attacking over reconstruction. He said that they targeted Captain Osamu from Tamakoma-2. He asks his quad why they are targeting Osamu. Kashio comments that they will stop Osamu from continuing to lay cables. Oji said it was true, and they couldn’t let Osamu roam freely because he might give them trouble.

Upper B-Tier Runner

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

He reveals that in Osamu’s last battle, Kakizaki and Katori gave him too much time and lost. Oji thinks that Tamakoma’s new strategy starts with the Osamu cable. He told his troops that they had to crush him together to gain an advantage in battle. In the Tamakoma-2 strategy room, Osamu continues to talk with his troops. He informs them that another squad might target him after seeing his last match. Shiori comments that the Oji squad agent is a top-tier B-level runner. They might be targeting Osamu from behind.

Osamu reveals that the top-tier B-Rank runners know about their cable area raid strategy. He thought it would be profitable if he started wiring using the Bagworm. He orders Chika that he must move to a good position to shoot, and Kuga will protect Chika. Inside the Ikoma squad’s strategy room, they had finished discussing their plans. Ikoma talked about chunks of tuna on top of rice and told others it might be good. In another room, Kashio asked what they should do if Osamu used Bagworm.

Kazuki replied that they should find a cable friendly place without tracking it on the radar. They will also check possible areas if Kuga comes to stand guard. Oji comments that if Kuga tries to use Bagworm, they will also use Bagworm to find Osamu. But the Bagworm for attackers hinders their attack and defense, and the Kuga probably uses it only in sneak attacks. At the same time, Kuga and Osamu are also trying to find out what the other squads might be trying to pull out. Kazuki asked Oji if they failed to take down Osamu.

New Recruit Inauguration Ceremony

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Oji said they would work with Ikoma’s forces and the Tamakoma-s circle. Their strategies and plans are based on mobility. He said that he would show the rookies how tough the top ranks were. Osamu tells his team about three different plans and says they have to win this and move towards their goal. All teams are now ready to fight.

In the hall, the recruiting induction ceremony had begun. The recruits are shocked to see a stranger. They comment that he has a different aura and why he is wearing black while the others are white. Some higher-ups don’t believe that other Neighbors are signing up immediately. They feared the Border would be full of Neighbors. Kinuta told Eizo that Kido had allowed it, and they couldn’t stop him. Eizo commented that he is not against the idea, but there are other options.

Eizo commented that Hyuse was willing to guide their ship, and they would take him captive without letting him enter the Outlands. The higher ups argue about the decision, but Eizo tells them that they shouldn’t mess with Tamakoma-2. The public expedition is about to begin. Then the B-Rank battle began, and squads began fighting.

World Trigger Season 2nd Episode 11 Release Date

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 11 will be out on Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 01.30. You can watch World Trigger Season 2 online at Crunchyroll. Please see what we have for you below.

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 11 Preview

You can read World Trigger Season 2 Episode 10 to find out how Hyuse was allowed to become a new member of Tamakoma-2. Next week we will bring you an update of the B-Rank Battle Round 6.

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