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Let’s see how Wonder Egg Priority reaches the end of the episode with only three episodes left. Ai remembers every time he broke an Egg. He realized that if he broke the Egg in the Egg World, he would have his friend back. Ai, Rika, Momo, and Neuri are on a mission to get back their loved ones and friends. They have to complete missions in the Egg World and break some Eggs. At night, Ai enters the Egg World.

The egg world is a world where only the person who has broken the Egg can connect. The mental condition of a person affects him greatly. Under certain conditions, you can share that world with others. Ai finds Rika, who is waving at him, and he finds that they arrived at the same time. Let’s find out about the Egg World below.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 9 Release Date

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 9 will be out on Wednesday, March 8, 2021, at 12:00. Wonder Egg Priority is available at AnimeLab and Funimation formally.

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It has been revealed that when you break the Wonder Egg, a girl appears from it. They are girls who are approaching death themselves and are about to leave this life. But Ai, Neiru, Rika, and Momo will protect the girls. They protect them from Seeno Evil and Wonder Killers. The leader of the group of heroes is a girl named Ai Ohto.

Ai Ohto is a 14 year old boy with mismatched eye color. He attended the second year of middle school. When he met Acca and Ura-Acca, he didn’t want to go to school. Ai tells the two that he is being bullied because of his heterochromia. Ai meets Koito Nagase, a new student in his class. Koito changes Ai’s destiny in a big way. The two of them became best friends that had ever been seen before. But one day, Ai lost one of his best friends.

Magic Egg Priority

Magic Egg Priority

Egg World

Koito tells Ai about Mr. Sawaki, and he ends up committing suicide. Ai wasn’t sure what happened because Koito had just told him that Pak Sawak had received special treatment. Ai wants to know what really happened to Koito which made him jump from the top of the building. Ai thought it was her fault that Koito had died, but she had a chance to save him in the Egg World. He starts fighting monsters and completes a mission to get Koito back.

He is given the conditions for a mission victory to defeat Wonder Killer. In the Egg World, Ai and the others are immortals. Their physical abilities had improved considerably, but they had to guard against injury even if they were immortal. Later, Ai meets a girl named Neiru, and they start the Egg business.

Neiru is a genius girl who is only 14 years old, but she runs her own company. Neiru buys the Egg, and he struggles to get his younger sister back. He also told the truth about his younger sister, who stabbed him and ran away. The girls gain experience in the Egg World and use them in the real world. After going through countless missions and incidents, Ai met Rika.

The Girl’s Past

Magic Egg Priority

Magic Egg Priority

Rika is a former junior idol who knows that beautiful women don’t need to carry a wallet. She thinks that she is super cute and beautiful more than anyone because she is a Kawai. Rika is on a mission to find her real father, but her mother cannot reveal who her father is. She only gave five of her photos to find her father alone.

She told the other girls about her father and how she wanted so badly to meet him. Ai tells him that he will meet his father one day. Rika is obsessed with a father she never met and dislikes her mother. He wants to save Chiemi, a fan from his junior days as an idol. Chiemi is the only fan who can do anything for Rika.

Chiemi used to spend her money helping Rika and sometimes just to get autographs. Rika finds out that Chiemi has died, but when she gets there, she touches Chiem and finds that it is a thin skeleton. Rika couldn’t believe it because she knew Chiemi was a fat girl. Later, Acca and Ura-Acca gave them advice on how they would beat the Hatters. Ai gets additional strength from Chameleon, Neiru: Snake, Rika: Tortoise, and Mother: Frog.

When they headed to the other side, they used the beasts to fight the Haters, Seeno Evil, and Wonder. Ai was amazed when the chameleon swallowed Seeno Evil. Acca commented that Seeno Evils is a chameleon’s favorite food. They started fighting monsters to achieve the goal of happiness and maintain their friendship. Momo is a girl who looks like a boy, and other girls ask him out, thinking that he is a boy.

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