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Earlier, Ai and other girls talked about what happened to Koito before he died. Rika suspects that Pak Sawaki is seducing her. Momo comments that his uncle is a good person; he will never touch a woman. Ai hates Pak Sawaki because he is after her mother. Ms. Ai doesn’t realize that Mr. Sawaki has ever hit a school girl. Ai realized that even if she told her mother about the matter, she wouldn’t believe it. She had noticed how her mother trusted Mr. Sawaki.

One day Ai saw Pak Sawaki hugging Koito in his office. After that incident, Ai hated Mr. Sawaki, and he didn’t even want to see him when he visited his house. Rika comments that Koito must have been pregnant and committed suicide out of shame. The girls decide to keep the matter a secret and decide to find solid evidence. Then Neiru visited a mysterious world and saved his sister from monsters.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 will air on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at 12:00. Wonder Egg Priority is available at AnimeLab and Funimation formally.


Previously in Episode 6

Ai has revisited a mysterious world; he protected Yae Yoshida from the Ax Gang. He encountered countless creatures and monsters, wondering who they were. Ai only knew the name of the monster group, but he didn’t know who they were. Their guiding conscience revealed that they were known as Haters.

Ai has done too much to stand out in this world. He killed two monsters, but one managed to cut off Yae Yoshida’s arm. Ai asks her conscience who the Haters are, and it has been revealed that they envy and envy created Haters for the girls among Seeno Evils. Haters don’t have the guts to show their faces, but they have the craziness.


They are strong in groups, just like their boss. They chase the Heroes’ lives in the limelight, and Ai realizes that he is a hero. He managed to open the warehouse and hide with Yoshida. The Haters are still chasing them. While they were inside, Ai asked Yoshida if the wound was okay. She took a small cut from the veil and covered her arms. Ai, ask the girls who she is because she is a mysterious girl to Ai. Yoshida told Ai his full name.

Ai decides to call him Yae and tell Yae to hide in the warehouse until the bell rings. He knows that the Haters are missing when the bell rings, and they must stay safe until that happens. Ai’s inner voice tells him that he can’t complete the mission if he doesn’t fight. He also informed him that they would focus on maintaining the status quo for today. He was told they had a solution in mind.

It has been revealed that her conscience is of two men watching them every day. They watched Ai and Yae. Those people are Acca and Ura-Acca, they are two lazy guys who like to play cards. Every time Ai visited the park, they continued to comment on the youth’s life. They sometimes help Ai because they give her life advice. Ai said that she was worried that Yae was hurt and that it was her fault.



Acca commented that Yae will regenerate within ten minutes on his Egg. The Haters managed to destroy the door. Ai notices that they have found him, and Acca tells him that his priority is to protect the Egg. He needs to stay safe until the time is up, and Ura-Acca says society is built on reporting, contact and consultation. She told him to say it out loud. Neiru said that their bigger goal was, said Rika Wonder on the other hand.

Neiru said Egg on the other hand, and Ai said Priority. Their combined goal is Wonder Egg Priority. Then after a long battle, the girls fought on different sides until the bell rang. They returned to their world and met Acca. Acca is glad they made it back after surviving the intense battle with the Haters. Rika comments who asked the Haters to treat them as heroes.

They weren’t doing this for fun, and Ai asked Acca what solution he had in mind. Acca pointed to Ura-Acca, who was carrying a small box. He reveals that the box contains things that will support them. Ura-Acca commented that they called it a “power up.” Ai notices that they gave them a pendant, and Acca explains how it works. Then, Ai returned to the other side and defeated the Haters using her new locket. Yae embraced Ai for risking her life to protect him.

Episode 7 Preview

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