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Rika visits Egg World to save her fat friend. After rescuing her, she disappeared, and Rika commented that they would meet on the Other Side. Rika’s pet, Manne, doesn’t want him to leave. Rika hugged her pet, but Dot came and killed Manne using a chain. Dot cuts off Manne’s head and tells Rika to eat it because she doesn’t eat meat. Rika became angry and let go of her sword which was cut by Dot. Rika tries to fight Dot, but she’s no match. The Wonder Egg Priority final episode is below.

Meanwhile, Ai visits the place where Acca and Ura-Acca hang out. He runs into a bug he encounters when he first visits the Egg World. When he tried to touch the insect, the lights in a nearby house came on. Ai decides to visit the house, but the door is locked. When he was about to leave, the door opened by itself. Ai goes into the hose looking for Ura-Acca and Acca. He found the temptation of the picture of the death of children who committed suicide in junior high school.

Previously on Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11

He saw the falling paper advertisement to find that only Eros warriors could fight Thanatos. Ai continues to check photos and documents in the house. He had a voice asking who was there. When he looked back, he found that it was Ura-Acca. They both sit down, and Ura-Acca comments that it’s an old story. He reveals that they made a girl just for fun in the past when they were human. Ura-Acca and Acca used to work in research facilities. The two of them were closely watched.

They decided not to fight the higher-ups because they might get into trouble. One day they decided to make a girl, and Acca asked them if they should name her. Ura-Acca told Acca not to shoot immediately. They have to wait a while whether their experiment will be successful or not. He also said they would let the girl decide when she arrived in this world. They both drew two different pictures of the girl and decided to combine them into one.

Magic Egg Priority

Magic Egg Priority

Human Experiment

They forget that they are making AI and set their age as 14 years. After the experiment was over, the girl woke up. Acca asks him what his name is, and the girls reveal that he is Frill. They give him the traits that a father wants his daughter to have. They enjoyed time with Frill, and he has grown up with all human qualities. Acca and Ura-Acca didn’t tell him that he was an AI, and they ran into Azusa Hoshina. Hoshina had dinner with Acca and Ura-Acca. He told them to meet again next time, and he knew the place.

Ura-Acca thought Hoshina was a good woman judging her by her appearance and impression. He noticed that Acca was attracted to Hoshin, and when he asked, Acca asked him the same thing. But Hoshina prefers Acca over Ura-Acca, who decides to hang out with Frill. Frill notices that Ura-Acca is annoyed by the relationship between Acca and Hoshina. He talks about seduction and cheating, and Acca realizes that Frill has noticed that he likes Hoshina. Acca decided that he should bless Hoshina and Ura-Acca.

Frill tells Acca that he is a liar; after a few months, Hoshina and Ura-Acca got married. Frill is driven by jealousy when he hears that Hoshina is pregnant. He visited her while taking a shower. Frill asks Hoshina if it is a boy or girl and Hoshina reveals that it is a girl. Frill thinks the new girl in the family will take his place. He gave Hoshina electric shocks during the shower.

The Temptation of Death

Magic Egg Priority

Magic Egg Priority

Hoshina was hospitalized, and only her baby girl survived. The doctors decided to look after the baby girl because she was premature. Acca gets angry and locks Frill in a dark room. Many years have passed Ura-Acca could not do anything about it because he had noticed that Acca was completely closed. But the daughter Hoshina left behind saved them. Himari brings back happiness in the lives of Acca and Ura-Acca. Himari grew up, and the two of them forgot that there was still Frill locked in the room.

One day Himari asked Ura-Aca about his mother. Ura-Acca asks her where she heard that, and she convinces him to tell him. Ura-Acca told him everything and how they met Hoshina. But he’s surprised when he does the things that Frill did when they were with him. In the evening, Acca and Ura-Acca found that Himari had died and did not know the cause of death.

Aca realized that it was Frill who killed Himari. He visited her and found that she was not dead. He should and realized that Frill is AI and human experiment. They realized that the girls were dying because of their mistake. At this time, Ai discovered the reason behind the temptation of death. She came out and had tears in her eyes. He realizes that Frill and the mistakes Ura-Acca and Acca made might need to kill every girl.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12 Release Date

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12 will be out on Wednesday, March 30, 2021, at 12:00. You can watch Wonder Egg Priority online officially at AnimeLab and Funimation. See preview and other details.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12 Preview

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