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Momo is invited on a date, and she wears a sari to meet up with her date. When she was with him, the two of them didn’t say much. Momo wears a sari so as not to look like a boy. Everything went perfectly; the two of them go and enjoy watching a movie together. The boy also hugged Momo, and the two of them had a great day. But something is not right between Momo and his date, and Momo will reveal it later to the other girls below. Wonder Egg Priority is left with one episode to be completed.

Then, Momo shed tears all night thinking about the date she had just had. She wonders why things always turn out like this in her life. Meanwhile the other girls visited Ura-Acca and Acca. They asked the two about Japan Plati, and Ai told them not to lie. Neiru arrives and reveals that Ura-Acca and Acca are the founders of Japan Plati.

Previously on Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10

Neiru showed them the pictures of Acca and Ura-Acca in their human form. Ai and Rika commented that both of them are handsome in human form. Ai asked why the two of them are no longer human. Acca reveals that they left their human bodies, but they still have their minds and souls. The girls want to learn more about Ura-Acca, and Acca, but they receive an important message from Momo.

Momo tells them that he’s been invited on a date, and Riku asks if it’s a girl. Momo reveals that it was the boy who invited her. The girls get excited because for the first time, Momo is dating a boy. They know that only girls invite Momo out on dates because he looks like a boy. Ai asks what the date is, and he asks them to meet him. The girls go to meet Momo at the restaurant.

They told Ura-Acca and Acca that they were having a women-only talk. Ura-Acca comments that girls’ talk is priority. Then the three of them met Momo, who looked gloomy. Rika enjoys listening to a good part of Momo’s dating story. Ai comments that she’s lucky to be called out on the same guy twice. Momo reveals that she met a boy at the mall, and she invited him on a date.

Magic Egg Priority

Magic Egg Priority

Love Monster

Rika was stunned that it was love at first sight, but the worst part would come. On his date, Momo was asked if he was a boy or not. Momo tries to convince the boy that he is a girl. The boy isn’t sure, and he can’t prove to him in public that she’s a girl. The man decides to dump her, thinking Momo is gay in a sari. But Momo fell in love with the boy.

The rejection hurt Momo because the boy never called or texted him. Ai, Rika and Neiru try to comfort Momo. Then Momo came home, but he was still affected by what happened on his date. Her pet, Panic, comforts her, and she realizes that it’s better to be with someone who values ​​her. Panic doesn’t matter whether Momo looks like a boy or not. The two of them head to the Egg world to save Karou.

They meet Karou, who is taken away by the Love Beast. The Love Beast reveals that Karou is his. Karou reveals that Love Monster is his teacher in the real world. But one day, he called her and taught her to study; having earned her trust, she forced herself on him. That day the monster Cinta dropped Karou and impregnated him. Karou reveals that she is pregnant, and Love Monster says she lives with him in the Egg World. Momo decided to save Karou.

Solo Exhibition

Magic Egg Priority

Magic Egg Priority

Momo challenges Love Monster and exchanges blows with him. Love Monster comments that Karou is a cute, cute girl. The two of them clashed against their electric swords, and they detonated everything around them. Momo gets the final blow which makes Love Monster explode. She returns to the real world with Karou and escorts her home. But Karou left Momo after kissing him and told him not to get a girlfriend until he was reborn as a boy again.

Momo meets a monster who kills his pet, Panic with one slash on his way home. The monster eats Panic’s meat and comments that the crocodile’s meat tastes like chicken. Meanwhile Ai attended the solo exhibition hosted by Pak Sawaki. Mr. Sawaki shows his mother’s photo. Ai asks her if she loves her mother, and she says she loves Ai’s mother with all her heart. Ai asked why Koito killed himself. Meanwhile, Acca and Ura-Aca decide that they can send Eros to defeat Thanos.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 Release Date

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 will be out on Wednesday, March 23, 2021, at 12:00. You can watch Wonder Egg Priority online at AnimeLab and Funimation formally. See preview and other details.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 Preview

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