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Pieces of Women is streaming the 2020 tragedy drama on Netflix. Martha who plays the main character in the film acts like a mother. The way she portrays her pain in films remains extraordinary. Martha’s husband, Sean, also plays a big role in this film. The film was directed by Kornel Mundruczo and screenplay by Kata Weber. The film was released on 4 September 2020. The film was officially released on 7 January 2021. The film received positive reviews overall. The actors have received many awards for their performances, and the film is progressing with good talk among viewers.


Martha and sean are a couple looking for a baby, and Martha is in the final stages of having a baby. Martha gave birth, and Sean called Barbara, who was called a midwife, which meant they came home and gave birth to a child. When Barbara isn’t around, he sends Eva to the scene to help Martha feel nauseous and in pain. When Martha reached ten centimeters to give birth, Eva realized the baby’s heartbeat was shallow, and that was a dangerous indication. Sean asks Eva something else to save the Child, Eva said, no, good things will be normal. Eva tried her best to bring the baby out in a difficult situation because even she was tensed because of the lowest heart rate. Martha gave birth to a baby girl, Eva noticed that the baby had turned pale blue, and the baby died of a heart attack. Martha gave birth to a child who had died.

Are Pieces of Women successful?

Sean wanted to go to the wrong place when Martha was in pain. The cause of death was not announced, but the reason was the absence of proper oxygen levels at birth. Sean immediately began the process, Eva, stating she was the reason for the baby’s death. Martha decided to donate her baby’s body to science so that it could be of use to them. Sean and Martha’s relationship wasn’t that great. Sean was attracted to other women. Sean started dating Martha’s cousin, Suzanne, and was also addicted to drugs.

Suzzane also stated that the mistake was made by Eva, and he was the culprit. Elizabeth, who is Martha’s mother, did not allow Martha to give her baby to the science lab and all said that it was Martha’s mistake to take the midwife home and give birth to the baby. Elizabeth wants to bury the baby. Sean files a case against Eva, and Eva attends court. The judge said there was nothing wrong with Eva in the process. Martha then spread the baby girl’s ashes into the river. This film drenched everyone with tears after watching because it was emotional and so close to reality.

Are Pieces of Women successful?


Vanessa Kirby as Martha gave an excellent performance in the film. His intense physical appearance brought life. This film understands that even though we love equality, we grieve alone. The film received a lot of positive reviews and is in a good position. Vanessa Kirby, for her outstanding performance, she won two Venice International Film awards and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. She has even been nominated for multiple awards and has never received the best actress award.

Vanessa Kirby’s disfigured appearance turns the drama of healing pain into something closer to the action. Not only one film has a lot of admiration. Vanessa seems quite confident. Her soothing voice is the special effect of the film. The second half brought back the classy European sensibility that won Kirby best actress at the Venice Film Festival. This film is a perfect example of sadness and drama about a broken relationship. Director Kornel Mundruczo, who makes film credits with real-life partner and writer Kata Weber, craves all goals perfectly. A suspicious tale leading to awe-inspiring depiction.


The film features Vanessa Kirby, Shia Labeouf, Ellen Burstyn, Iliza Schlessinger, Benny Safdie, Sarah Snook, Molly Parker, Steven McCarthy, Tyrone Benskin, Frank Scorpion, Harry Standjofski, Domenic Di Rosa, Jimmie Falls, Juliette Casagrande, Gayle Garfinkle, Vanessa Smythe, Nick Walker, Sean Tucker, Alain Dian, Jolle Jeremie, Tim Kingsbury, Sonia Berube, Alex De La Cruz, Letitia Brookes, Eric Davis, Olivia Lyle, Bonnie Mak, Lyne St Pierre, Kathleen Mireiile Pepperall.

Are Pieces of Women successful?


The trailer provides a glimpse into the story. Viewers’ waiting for the film after seeing its trailer has increased. When the trailer was released, the film received good reviews. The trailer shows the main scene we didn’t get much of, but we got there that something was going to happen in the film. Vanessa Kirby is surprising that the end result of her role is so good for the film. One of the most terrible things a couple will experience for a child to be born. This film is very realistic and heart touching.

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