With Whom Was Nicki Minaj Married? Timeline of the Relationship

Nicki Minaj is a well-known name in the American music industry. Not only as a singer, Nicki is also a famous actress, model, rapper and entrepreneur. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Nicki is a popular celebrity known for her struggles. She is one of the few dedicated industry celebrities who have made their place through hard work and unbelievable dedication, without a godfather.

She grew up in the Queens area of ​​New York City and gained recognition in 2007. She started her career in 2004 but took three years to gain the popularity she was destined for. His 2007 mixtape release, Playtime, earned him instant fame and his journey to the top at No. One on the US Billboard 200 chart begins. Nicki is widely known for his animated rapping and songwriting that employ metaphors, word plays and entenders.


Minaj was highly valued and criticized at the same time for her colorful costumes and wigs. He has mastered different accents and uses an alter ego, which sets him apart from everyone in the industry. Minaj is touted as one of the most influential and best-selling female rap artists of all time. Not only for her work but also for her personal life, Nicki has always been a hot topic of discussion. Here in this article, we will discuss his personal life and with whom did Nicki Minaj get married?

Who was Nicki Minaj married to?

Nikki has been in a long term relationship with his girlfriend Safaree Samuels since 2000. The two dated for 14 years and finally ended 2014. After a break of nearly 2-3 months, she is reportedly dating rapper Meek Factory. Minaj has been in a constant relationship phase ever since. Then in December 2018, Minaj was spotted on a date and relaxing with her childhood friend, Kenneth. Shortly after being in a relationship with her, Nicki proposed in August 2019.

Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty

After being in relationships with many other celebs over the years, Nicki finally found her partner in her childhood friend, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty. After marriage, she added Kenneth’s last name to her real name, Onika Tanya Maraj, becoming Maraj – Petty. Kenneth prefers to use the name ‘Zoo’, and this is evident in several Nicki interviews where he calls it ‘Zoo.’ Nicki has been criticized by netizens for being with Kenneth because he has a criminal background. Even so, Nicki was brave enough to answer all these criticisms and asked them to stop meddling in his personal life.

The couple made the announcement about expecting their first child in July 2020 via Nicki’s Instagram account. They became the parents of a beautiful baby boy on September 30, 2020. Minaj, after getting married, took a pension from the industry, calling it for her family. He announced this decision on his Twitter account.

More on Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty

Kenneth “Zoo” Petty rose to fame after he and Nicki were caught dating. Dating for almost a year, he married his childhood sweetheart, Nicki Minaj, on October 21, 2019. Born as “Kenny Petty,” he is from Queen City of New York. Kenneth was featured in two videos by Nicki- ‘Megatron and’ Hot Girl Summer. ‘He is currently working in the music industry. Kenneth comes from African-American ethnicity.

Kenneth and Nicky

The couple dated each other in their early teens as well, at the age of 16, when Nicki wasn’t famous at all. Despite being Minaj’s lover, Kenneth has a dark history of criminal activity. He was convicted of attempted rape of a 16 year old girl using the knife in 1995. He was sentenced to 18-54 months in prison. As a result, he was registered as a sex offender in New York. He was also convicted of the murder of Lamant Robinson and served 7 years in prison. Most recently, in March 2020, Petty was put under house arrest by US Marshalls. This happened because he was found guilty of not being registered as a sex offender. In addition, he was prohibited from taking drugs of any kind, such as marijuana.

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