Will There Be Betty Season 3, What’s Next For The Skaters? (Article ready)


Betty Season 2 came out last month as a promising one to look out for. We see them as a fun spectacle for our Friday night June-July. Crystal Moselle took inspiration from her 2008 film Skate Kitchen and perfected the whole show for us in the form of Betty. It hit the screens in 2019, starring Dede Lovelace, Kabrina Adams, Nina Moran, Ajani Russell, and Rachelle Vinberg in the lead roles. The first season was dubbed a huge success and the subsequent second season also somewhat garnered the same idea. So the question remains whether we can have Betty Season 3 or not.

So, here we detail how we feel about Betty and her future with season 3. We’ll take a look at how season 1 and season 2 work. Based on that, determine Betty’s possible renewal for a potential third season. When could that happen, the release date, and the plot it could follow. The show itself may have used a limited episode format to properly flesh out the story, but there were some cues that didn’t work well with audiences. So the future of Betty Season 3 is something we have to look at.

Should We Expect Betty Season 3?

Betty actually got off to a really good start with the first season. The show makes the most of a short six-episode run and has fans heavily invested. But the same can’t be said about season two, which concerns Betty and her revival for Season 3. So what happened? The show effortlessly captures the art of skateboarding through the friendship of the main women who star in the show. But the second season doesn’t seem to capture the same heart anymore for audiences at least. Despite having generally favorable reviews. Story-wise, somewhere it doesn’t connect to season 1.

Betty's Season 3 Release Date

From Betty’s Official Season 2 Trailer

So the error above has caused a drop in views for Betty, and she’s now in a tough spot. But anyway, HBO hasn’t officially hinted at canceling Betty Season 3. Even if the reception for Betty Season 2 isn’t the best, it’s still good reviews at the end of the day. So HBO may still be giving Betty another chance to develop again. Learn from mistakes and pick up the skateboard again. So all fingers crossed for the show, and we still believe an announcement for Betty and the fate of Season 3 will be out soon.

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Betty’s Season 3 Release Date

If all of the above criteria match and HBO still believes in the show, we’re targeting Betty Season 3 to be released somewhere in mid-2022. This stems from the fact that the first two seasons of the show came at the same time. Betty Season 1 came in May, and after that, a second season was announced in June. It came out this year in July. So stay tuned for Betty Season 3’s official announcement and release date in August.

Plot of Betty Season 3 – What Is It About?

Betty’s first season was all about breaking odds and getting into the world of skating for Janay, Honeybear, Kirt, Indigo, and Camille. A male-dominated sport in New York finally saw women make their big presence felt, and towards the end, they made their point. Now the same success continues but also switches in the second season. Especially for the characters as they grow into adulthood.

Plot of Betty Season 3

From Betty’s Official Season 2 Trailer

So what’s happening here is, the girls at Betty’s are starting to work towards becoming more responsible and dedicated to building their lives and families rather than just embracing skateboarding too. Their better part backed them up, and there was a fair amount of downs and downs that all ended at the end of Season 2. Revelation made things sort of sort of.

In addition, the event also shows how the impact of Covid-19 on the world. So this leads to a ban on outside activities, which is something else to watch out for. So we expect Betty Season 3 to feature a more post-covid world where Covid rules are lightened, and activities can be carried out with some precautions taken. So leaving our skateboarding women to revive the sport at the same time reconnecting their lives.

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