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Since the One Piece manga is on break this week, let’s take a look at one of the rare possibilities at this point. Nowadays, wano and everything that happens there is making headlines every week. This is even affecting the outside world too, as we managed to catch a glimpse of the daydream earlier this year. We’ve even seen people like Sengoku teach fellow marines about Wano’s history and what’s going on in the world. And it seems that everything is related to a series of destinies, and even Akainuy has realized this.

Even in his death, Oden seemed to have had a lot of influence on the ongoing events, and this has been the concern of the marines in recent times. Based on the manga and the latest developments at Wano. Looks like this war will reach a point where no one in this world can ignore it. And this will be the most entertaining moment in One Piece history because, in the end, most of the characters will be involved in this all-out war.

Currently the Onigashima raid is still ongoing without any outside force. The Marine decided just to observe, but every chapter came out. Looks like this one will be something they can no longer ignore. We already know that the Marines are spies, the SWORD watches the situation at Wano, and the captain, X Drake, has joined the Straw Hats and their allies.

So it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the marines. If they want to infiltrate Wano, then now is the perfect opportunity to do this. This means that it is likely that we will still see more external forces appearing in this battle later. The worst case that could happen is another Yonkou who got involved in this.

Black Beard and Its Latest Statement about the World

Blackbeard One Piece

Blackbeard One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1008 will be released next weekend when the manga’s current pause ends. VIZ Media and Manga Plus will keep publishing the latest official chapter as usual. One Piece Chapter 1008 spoilers might come out on Monday because we haven’t got anything for this week yet. Fans are still looking forward to more developments from the manga. Whichever scene appears next will be interesting. Although now people want to know whether Oden is really alive or not. One-piece fans still can’t believe Oden is alive after suddenly appearing suddenly in the latest manga chapter.

So want to be one hundred percent sure if this is the real Oden or if someone else is doing a trick on us. Other One Piece manga highlights include the ones we just got to know about A copy of Kaidou’s devil fruit and its history as a marine test subject under Vegapunk. Now looking at other events that might affect Wano’s fight, the last time we saw Black Beard he made a pretty interesting statement. This comes after a daydream when the marines declare all the schichibukai to be fugitive pirates.

Now the hunt for the Schichibukai is underway, and the marines are full. Meaning, if the marines wanted to get involved in Wano, they probably did after the hunt. But that might exhaust them, so it’s unlikely they will be able to do both hunting and engaging Wano. So fat that they were completely focused on their hunt because the situation at Wano was completely unpredictable. Based on the war that has just broken out, it will be interesting to see what they will do next.

What’s Black Beard’s Next Action?

All of these events have awakened the calm that exists in the oceans of One Piece. Everything was peaceful, and the marines did what they wanted. Even Black Beard was released back to his home island. Now that daydream marks the beginning of a wave that will sweep through the blues as the battle at Wano finally reaches its climax. Black Beard has many connections and has eyes all over the world. He easily found out about what was happening at Wano even though the country was closed. He was also aware of what the marines were up to, but at first, he didn’t seem very interested in it.

After seeing and analyzing all these events, Black Bear comments that instead of seeing the world government take over the world. He will take over the world himself instead. Put simply, one would think that Black Beard might want to interfere with the Marines’ search for Schichibukai around the world. But since he is referring to world governments, then he may see more than just marines.

And annoying the Schichibukai might not be in his favor at all. So the only way he could get close to the Schichibukai was if he wanted to recruit one of them for whatever grand plan he had. Right now, the world is moving towards Wano. So what is happening right now will affect every corner of the world, even the marines. Maybe later we can also see the elders move because CPO says there are still executives who can immediately end this war.

Will Black Beard Pirates Come to Wano?

The Flower Capital of Wano Country

The Flower Capital of Wano Country

Looking at this whole situation, it is possible that most of the world figures like the Yonko will appear in the future. Everyone of those people is watching the situation at Wano. We’ve seen Shanks seeing the news about Luffy’s actions at Wano, and he already knows what happened. The same goes for Black Beard, which controls every action the Black Beard Pirates take. On the side of the marines, Akainu has also come to his senses. And Big Mom is also following haste to Wano because they have unfinished business.

Basically, everyone was affected by the wars in Wano and Kaidou and the Big Mom alliance. The world government is already watching the situation at the CPO agent who is already in Wano analyzing how the fight happened. They are quite relaxed because they know no matter what. I wish the Straw Hats had won this one. The executives can end this war and wipe out everyone involved. They are probably referring to the elders, so if Luffy and Co win this one, more influential characters will likely appear later.

This most likely includes the Black Beard Pirates. Because if we look at the last statement. He will take over the world on his own rather than see world governments try and do it themselves. Supposing the straw hat wins this one, then the executives have to move on. So that it will mark the takeover of the world by world governments. And just like Black Beard said, he won’t allow this. So if we follow that line of thinking, then it’s no surprise to see the Black Beard Pirates appear in Wano.

Onigashima’s Attack Will Turn the World Upside Down.

Even though this already sounds like a statement that one of the One Piece characters would say. Looks like the next main thing in this Yonkou saga. I imagined Sengoku saying something like this to Akainu. And as usual, she would just reply that she wouldn’t let these bad boys do what they want anymore. I think you have now seen the bigger picture that I am trying to paint. So if we were to go exactly in my opinion I would definitely say that, yes, the Black Beard Pirates will likely come to Wano later in the ongoing war. This will attract people like Shanks, who seem to have unfinished business with Black Beard. And like I said, Akainu and the marines will probably catch up, making this one of the fiercest wars in One Piece history.

But that’s just my opinion based on facts from the manga. So it may not happen exactly as I have outlined. After all, Oda was the final sayer and already said that if someone predicted how One Piece would end, he would definitely change the story. We all used to think Oden was dead. But Ode continues to surprise us, and we still can’t believe it at this point. So let’s take a look at what Oda was trying to do by bringing Oden back. Whether he’s just making fun of us or intending to do business, we’ll find out later when more chapters are published.

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