Wil There Be My Dangerous Wife K-Drama Season 2?

My Dangerous Wife K-Drama Season 2 May will air soon. But when it will come, any production comments on the show will all be discussed here. My Dangerous Wife is a South Korean drama that premiered on October 5, 2020. The series was adapted from the 2016 Japanese drama Boku No Yabai Tsuma. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on the original MBN network. It is so popular that it continues to have an impact on our minds. And we’ve been thinking about updating the show so far. Within a very short period of time, this drama created a huge impact on audiences and fans of the show as a whole. This drama features Kim Jung Eun, Choi Won Young, and ChoiYoung Hwa as the main characters.

The drama’s story is about the couple and their married life. Sudden accident in their small family disturbs the husband mentally. They have been married for six years and are now facing problems related to their marriage. How does the story reveal what happened next and why you should watch the drama and wait for season 2 to all be covered here. This drama has a total of 16 episodes, with a duration of each episode around 1 hour and 10 minutes. The suspense mystery thriller drama airs on November 24, 2020.

My Dangerous Wife Trailer Details

My Dangerous Wife is a drama that premiered in 2020 and leaves a deep impact on our minds. The second season of the drama is often requested by fans of the show. But for those who haven’t seen the drama, you can catch a glimpse of the show in the trailer below. It shows us what drama is and what to expect from the show.

The drama’s first preview was released as a trailer on September 30, 2020. The drama features Kim Jung Eun, Choi Won Young, and ChoiYoung Hwa as the main characters. The first snippet starts with the couple having a wedding. They seem happy with their new married life until the wife is kidnapped, and the husband is left alone to think about what to do to save him. The appearance of the second woman in her husband’s life is also clearly visible in the trailer.

After they started living together, his wife’s sudden kidnapping created a huge mess around his life. He ended up trying to save her by all possible means. Who did it? Why did they kidnap him, and what is the motive behind the case, will all be revealed in the drama. The suspects next also asked for 5 billion won, which is exactly the amount required by the protagonist of the story. The tension behind the whole story unfolds beautifully in the drama as a whole.

My Dangerous Wife Season 2 K-Drama Release Date

My Dangerous Wife season 2 release date

My Dangerous Wife

As of now, the exact date of the second season has not been disclosed by the production. The drama aired on October 5, 2020 and aired on November 24, 2020. After the drama ended, much speculation has been made for the drama’s renewal. The series has a special story about the kidnapping of a wife and the husband’s realization that he still loves his wife. If the drama is ever made into a second season, information about it will be given here as priority. The chances of the show returning to the screen are a little high, but confirmation of the production hasn’t arrived yet. The drama’s first season had a total of 16 episodes and was aired on the original network MBN. So, the drama’s second season will also air on the MBN network.

Where to Watch My Dangerous Wife?

where to watch My Dangerous Wife

A Still from the k-drama My Dangerous Wife

My Dangerous Wife is broadcast on the MBN network and available on online networking sites. In addition, this drama also airs on many online streaming sites such as Viki, along with more than 10 subtitles. The drama direction has been carried out under Lee Hyung Min. By writing a screenplay under Hwang Da Eun. The drama genres include tension, thriller, mystery, drama, and psychological.

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