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Attack on Titan, the anime everyone is talking about right now. AoT has some of the biggest fans in the world. The anime is based on the Hajime Isayama manga of the same name and has shown steady growth in quality over the years. This show follows the story of Eren, a young boy who lives in a world owned by humans and giant humanoid Titans.

Titan has been around since Eren could remember. They are a threat to mankind because all they do is eat humans, apparently for no reason. The Paradisians have been safe from Titans for years now, but when the mysterious Colossal and Armored Titans appear, their peace is disturbed. They broke through the walls and entered the city of Shiganshina, devouring thousands of people, including Eren’s mother.

He vows to destroy all Titans and join the survey corps which is notorious for setting foot in the world, discovering secrets, and killing Titans wherever they go. Attack on Titan has finally started airing its 4th and final season, and a lot of new stuff is emerging. This season has many new views. One of the big changes this season is that we can see a lot of stories from the Marleyans point of view. And from this, the character that was highlighted was, you guessed it, Reiner Braun.

Reiner’s tragic background has been revealed in the 4th and 5th episodes of the season, and it provides us with important clues as to how he will be more important this season than ever before. So, let’s analyze Reiner’s role in AoT season 4.

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Tragic Past

Reiner as Child Soldier

Reiner as Child Soldier

Just like Eren, Reiner also has a very tragic backstory. He survived as a child soldier who risked his life all so he could inherit the Armored Titan. Why? Because Reiner and her mother have been separated from her father for a long time. The only way to unite them was to get help from the higher ups. He survived and finally got the Armored Titan. All so that she could meet her father, who didn’t want to have anything to do with her or her mother.

It all felt like he did so many things without success. The main parallel characteristic about Reiner is that he never gives up. We’ve seen Eren as the protagonist all this time, but in truth, Reiner’s character feels the same power when it comes to sheer willpower. By the time Marley sent them to attack Paradis, Reiner lost an important teammate on the way. However, he chose to go ahead. After attacking Paradis and successfully infiltrating her, she still lost Annie and Bertholt.

Reiner walks around in all his guilt, knowing his teammates sacrificed themselves for him. He is always the last. Reiner could have died at one of those times. Why is Isayama keeping him alive?


The truth may be much simpler than many people imagine. Attack on Titan is an anime that doesn’t hesitate to kill its characters. Reiner is a key character who has endured many times, just like Eren or anyone else who survived this very traumatic world. This could mean that the person blocking Eren’s path was, in the end, Reiner himself. Think about it.

Which character survives even so? It was Reiner, albeit from the opposite side of Paradis. Who is the one character who started all this by pushing Eren in the right direction? Again, it’s Reiner. It’s true, not much has been revealed about how things will play out towards the end of the show. With Gabi and Falco Grice both selected as candidates for the Armored Titan, maybe Reiner would end up getting killed. However, even if that happened, his death would mark an important change in events.

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Reiner and Eren

Reiner meets Eren in Episode 4 of Season 4

Reiner has come a long way. Both metaphorically and literally. It would be sad if this very tragic character was killed in a grave and unworthy manner, like Ymir. But we doubt that will happen. We believe Reiner will turn things around. His philosophy stands out from Eren’s. While Eren wanted to commit mass genocide, thought it was the only way. Reiner believes it is best for their race to die so that Ymir’s curse can finally be broken. Did you also see what we saw?

Reiner tries to save humanity. Eren tries to save Subject Ymir.

While arguments about right or wrong were difficult with this situation, one could easily see how Eren had the thought process of an antagonist. So what happens when heroes become criminals? Does this mean Reiner has been a true savior all this time? We definitely think so.

This incredible contrast between Reiner and Eren is what makes us believe that they will face each other in the end. Regarding who is right about their philosophy, the debate is up to the viewers.

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Do you agree with this idea? Do you think Reiner is the real savior? Let us know in the comments.

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