Why Did Comedy Duo Abbott & Costello Break Up? (Ready Article)


Abbott & Costello is the most famous comedy duo of the mid-20th century who inspired several comedians. However, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello saw their breakup after working together for two decades. Furthermore, they had never reconciled in their lives after separating. So why did the comedy duo Abbott & Costello break up? World War II saw them as the highest paid entertainers. There are several reasons for their declining popularity, along with the rise of other comedians. There are also no rumors of how the couple doesn’t get along much behind the scenes. Unfortunately, a heart problem took Costello’s life in 1959. In 1974, Abbott died of cancer. They can’t also set a successful career apart.

The duo’s first public appearance came in 1935 because Costello’s regular partner fell ill. Their performance took place on 42nd Street New York City at the Eltinge Burlesque Theatre. Then, their permanent pairing came after another show artist and Abbott’s wife encouraged the same. In 1938, their first known radio broadcast took place. The same name is The Kate Smith Hour. In 1940, they debuted with their own programs, namely The Abbott and Costello Show.

Why Did Comedy Duo Abbott & Costello Break Up?

Comedy duo Abbott & Costello still broke up in 1955. People are still trying to figure out the exact reason for the breakup of the once popular American comedian duo. This duo, despite their comedy, proves how overexposure and popularity lead to tension and break up between the two. Another reason for their breakup was their decline in popularity due to the appearance of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. Later, the terms of the contract were not agreed to by them, so the comedy team was dropped by Universal.

Why Abbott & Costello Break Up

The duo also split due to a slow point in their career and constantly hiding between Abbott & Costello. It all started in 1945 when a waitress who worked for Costello was previously hired by Abbott. Subsequently, the pair took the fight to the press, with Costello declaring Abbott a drunkard. Costello also blamed Abbott for recklessly signing bad contacts and threatened the existence of the act by doing the same. Abbott did not stand still and returned the favor by threatening Costello that he would beat him in public. Nevertheless, the two did not part then and continued their business.

The gossip writers also did not fail to include both statements in the newspaper. Later, the two also hired a press agent because of the long feud between the two. In 1957, actor Errol Flynn played a joke between the two in which he played a pornographic film in front of Abbott & Costello and their family. However, the two did not understand the joke and blamed each other for the inappropriate screening of the film. This led to the final split between the couple in the same year for a mix-up.

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Abbott & Costello at FBI Files

Abbott & Costello far from good and has a disgraceful FBI File on both. In fact, the two were not doing well in the latter part of their lives after separating. Counter taxes were imposed on them by the Internal Revenue Service in the early 1950s. This led to the sale of their home, some assets, and most of their film rights. Additionally, Abbott & Costello was on the FBI’s constant behind-the-scenes radar despite its onscreen success. In 2012, files were released by the FBI on certain celebrities. The report also includes Abbott & Costello.

The FBI kept tabs on Abbott for pornography under the supervision of J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI discovered the details with help from the Los Angeles Police. Abbott has been accused of having more than 1500 rolls of obscene film in his home with his own projector. Moreover, Costello has had his own share in lewd activities since 1948. However, the same incident occurred in 1944 about him showing and receiving obscene films. Other charges against him include showing pirated films and paying prostitutes for lewd activities. They also various charges against the two, including foreign espionage and relations with the mob. However, these accusations against them do not have solid evidence.

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