Who is Sarah Paulson & What Is She Known For?

We all know the famous American star who is especially known for her work and role on the small screen which is none other than Sarah Paulson. Being a very talented actress, she started her career right after graduating from high school. Being a gifted kid in the acting field, it took him not much but less time to be the center of attention on the small screen. In the 1990s he gained statewide recognition. The impetus in his career came with the popular television series named Law and order and American Gothic.

Apart from that she also played the lead role in the popular series which we all love Jack & Jill. Being a very talented star, he got more roles. Some of his prominent roles in popular television shows are American Horror Story, Strip, and a popular show named Game Change. With his outstanding acting skills not only impress the audience but also attracts the attention of big screen directors and producers. He made his debut on the big screen playing a major supporting role in a popular film based on the drama genre named 12 Years of Being a Slave.

Having a great casting crew, this film not only earned a nomination for the most prestigious Oscar but also won not one but three Oscars. Following the success of his first film, he was offered one of the leading roles in a popular film under the romantic drama genre. The film is named Carol. Like the previous films, in this film too, he and his casting crew impressed the audience and critics. With that, the film earned not one but six Oscar nominations.

Childhood and Education

Sarah Paulson Net Worth

Sarah Paulson as a cute kid

Born on the 17thth December 1974, in the beautiful city of Tampa in the state of Florida, namely in the United States. He was born to the Catharine Gordon and Douglas Lyle Paulson II family. But for some reason or another, her parents legally separated when Sarah was a child. At the age of five, he and his mother moved to New York City. Moving there he spent his days in middle and high school.

Speaking of his school, for his middle school he was enrolled in a popular school called Fiorello H. LaGuardia Middle School in Manhattan. After finishing high school, passionate about acting, he joined the popular American Drama school called the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Sarah Paulson Net Worth

Sarah Paulson in her role in American Crime Story season 2

Sarah Paulson embarked on a journey to become one of the greatest actors with stage plays. He made his first appearance in the popular drama named Talking Image directed by popular American playwright Horton Foote. With this, she made her first appearance on the small screen playing the lead role in the popular television show named Law and order. The show’s origins were in America and it was a crime drama series. By playing several minor roles on different television shows, she landed her first leading role in the popular American show named American Gothic. The show is based on a horror series that airs on a popular channel called CBS Network. The first episode aired in September 1995. It continued for a year or so until July in 1996.

Gradually over time, his skills improved and he got more roles. She made her way onto the big screen when she landed her first lead role which was the role of a female lead in a popular film under the comedy drama genre named Appointment. This film premiered in 1997. Impressed by his role not only on the small screen but also on the big screen he was offered the role of the main character in the world television comedy drama series named Jack & Jill. The first episode aired in September 1999 on a popular American channel called WB Network. It continued until 2001 until April. The show consists of a total of two seasons.

After a few years namely in 2005, he appeared in another play by the famous American playwright named Tennessee Williams. The play is titled The Glass Menagerie. Following the success of the drama, he got more works and opportunities to act out his acting skills. The following year, 2006, he appeared as the main character Harriet Hayes on the popular television show Aron Sorkin. The name of the show is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The show was broadcast on a popular American channel called the NBC network. But for some reason or another, the show continued for less than a year.

Followed by the 2005 show, he landed more antagonist roles over the period of his subsequent years. She played the main supporting character role in the popular 2006 film named Griffin and Phoenix and Spirit which premiered in 2008. After some time, namely in 2009, he was offered a role as one of the main characters in the popular American Drama series with the comedy genre. The title of the show is Cupid. The show was broadcast on the popular American channel called the ABC network. Although the show did well and generated rather large revenues, for some reason the other shows were canceled after seven episodes

After several years namely in 2011, she played a minor role in the popular American series named American horror story. The show is a horror anthology series. The show’s storyline and cast change after each season. But due to being skilled in his role in the first season, he got the opportunity to be part of all seven seasons. Due to changes in the storyline and cast, the roles continued to change over the course of seven seasons. Every season he gets a different and more interesting role. Being a great actress, she not only impressed the audience but also caught the attention of critics. Apart from that he got nominations for not one but several.

The list of his works does not stop here but goes on. He landed more work in films either in supporting or main characters. For example, he played a supporting role in the film called Time of Being which was released in 2012. Apart from that she also played a role in the film namely 12 Years of Being a Slave released in 2013, Carol which premiered in 2015, Rebels on Rye which was released in 2017. Additionally in 2016, he played one of the main characters in the popular American anthology show named American Crime Story. Having a great casting crew, the show received praise and appreciation not only from the audience but also from critics. Apart from that, his performance was also praised by critics. For her outstanding performance, she was nominated for and won a prestigious Emmy Award.

Net worth

Sarah Paulson Net Worth

Sarah Paulson Net Worth

Being a leading star not only on the small screen but also on the big screen, Sarah Paulson is considered one of the most prominent stars. With all this Sarah Paulson has net worth from somewhere around $ 12 million.

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Sarah Paulson with her Satellite Award

Being a great star, it’s entirely possible for Sarah Paulson to have a never ending list of honors. She was awarded the Primetime Emmy Award under the category of Being Outstanding Leading Actress in a Miniseries or Films. He won awards for his outstanding acting skills The People v. O. J Simpson: American Crime Story. She won the award in 2016. In addition she also won the Critical Choice Television Award under the category of being Best Actress in a Film or Miniseries for her role in The People v. O. J Simpson: American Crime Story, in that year too. Not only does the list end here but it continues. His list of honors includes two Satellite Awards as well as one Screen Actors Guild Award.

Personal life

Sarah Paulson Net Worth

Sarah Paulson with boyfriend Holland Taylor

Our favorite star Sarah Paulson is bisexual. Going back to the early days of her career, she dated the popular playwright Tracy Letts. They also got engaged. However due to some personal reasons, their engagement broke up. After some time he got into a relationship with a popular star named Cherry Jones. The couple started dating in 2004. But for some reason, the couple separated in 2009. After some time, namely in 2015, Paulson started dating a popular actress named Holland Taylor. Taylor is about 32 years his senior.

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