Who is Sarah Knowles’s Madison Dating? All About the Life of a Social Media Influencer

Madison Sarah Knowles is a popular social media influencer who not only has an impressive number of followers on almost all social media platforms, but her photos on Instagram also have a great number of views. From product endorsements to luxury vacation photos, Sarah Knowles has garnered a loyal following for herself! While Madison’s Sarah Knowles has an impressive social media presence, she has taken center stage in the media attention after her name was romantically linked with Celebs Go Dating star Pete Wicks.

The two were seen on various occasions together and paparazzi immediately speculated about the dating rumors. Madison Sarah has been sparking dating rumors with reality television stars for a while now and we are wondering if something is going on between the two.

Who’s Madison Dating Sarah Knowles: Models That Get In Touch With Celebrities Going On Dating Star Pete Wicks!

Media tabloids were speculating about the romance rumors as soon as the two were spotted together at Mayfair where they were caught kissing! However, the whole incident drew huge attention from the paparazzi when Pete Wicks was seen vomiting on the streets after a flirtatious encounter with Madison!

Madison Sarah

Before the messy incident, the two became quite comfortable with each other and proceeded to drink as well. However, shortly after the Youtube star left, the Celebs Go Dating star was seen vomiting on the side of the road! Although there has been no official confirmation of the dating rumors yet and neither of the two have opened up or discussed the ongoing speculations either! Pete Wicks has an amazing romantic history, while this production happened a while back, it looks like it wasn’t a serious relationship but a little one!

Is Madison YouTube Star Sarah Knowles Dating Pete Wicks?

The whole Madison-Pete Wicks romance was less crowded and was soon forgotten by the media tabloids as well. Fans, on the other hand, are hopeful that Pete Wicks will eventually revive things with co-star Megan Mckenna. However, that wasn’t something that happened either! Additionally, while the dating rumors on Pete-Madison didn’t attract much attention, the two moved on too.

Madison Sarah

YouTuber Madison also dated Patrick for a while and they even made some fun videos together. These videos are made with the caption of the boyfriend doing his makeup or the little quiz they usually do on social media. These videos are very popular among fans and followers are the two still together or not? Well, it looks like the two of them have also separated and don’t see each other anymore. While not much is known about it all, some media tabloids speculate that the two are even engaged and will soon be married. However, the romance turned out to be only short-lived between the two of them and Madison soon parted ways with Patrick.

According to her Social Media, Madison Sarah is Single And Not Dating!

While she’s been involved with Patrick for a while and making it pretty clear on her social media as well as with all the mushy pictures and videos on YouTube coming back a big hit, we can say that social media influencers see no one and are single! Her social media accounts are all about her solo photos and it’s quite evident that her influencers don’t really like dating. Here’s the engagement video that appeared on Madison’s account.

However, the influencer might as well keep his private life out of the public eye and keep his relationship as secret as it is now! Although not much has been disclosed by the influencer himself, but he is rumored to be dating someone named Kamani and Umar went on some romantic trips with his lover too. There are photos of the two clicked on in places like Paris and Ibiza too. Madison doesn’t mention Kamani much in her videos and we wonder if exes ended their relationship on bitter terms given how the social media star avoided her topic.

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