Who is Marcus Dobre Dating?

Marcus Dobre is one and a half of the duo brothers – Lucas and Marcus. Together, they are known as ‘The Dobbies’. They are millennial kids who are quite famous on social media. Their popularity grew with the help of Vine. Although they produce video content of different genres, they are also widely recognized for their skills as dancers. Together, the Dobre brothers are called ‘The Dobbies’. Marcus Dobre comes from a very ethnically diverse family. His mother is Romanian while his father is Iranian. Marcus is American by birth.

Who are the Dobre Brothers?

Marcus Dobre with his brother

Initially, Marcus did not have the reputation he does today. It took him and his brother a while to get noticed and gain popularity on Vine. However, it was their persistence and an ‘never give up’ attitude that got them here. However, it can also be said that Markus’ success on the Internet is very much guaranteed. However, it seems that the entire family has an interest in influencing social media.

Their mother is the famous TikToker with over 4 million followers, while their father’s Instagram followers number around 150,000. The brothers have over a million followers on Instagram, apart from their hugely popular YouTube channel. You could say this is just the beginning for Marcus Dobre. He has a long way to go before his career as a Youtuber and social media influencer reaches its zenith. We are excited to see this exciting career option available to Marcus Dobre! Read on to find out more about who she is currently dating.

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Marcus Dobre: ​​Early Life and Career

Marcus Dobre Mofid was born in a family that has been in the spotlight for quite some time. He is the son of Olympic gymnast Aurelia Dobre with her husband Boz Mobid. Together, they own the Dobre Gymnastics Academy in Maryland. Marcus Dobre, and his twin brother Lucas, were also born in Maryland. They have two older brothers – Cyrus and Darius. Marcus celebrated his birthday with Lucas on January 28, 1999.

What is Dobre Brothers doing on Youtube?

Marcus Dobre on YouTube

Marcus Dobre’s career was closely tied to Lucas. Hence, all the information we provide about his career will also apply to Lucas. When the twins started sharing 6 seconds of video content on the now defunct platform – Vine, they became known as ‘TwinBotz’. Vine actually gave us some of our favorite celebrities right now. The list started with Shawn Mendes and never ends. The Dobre brothers are no different. They have over 1.8 million followers on Vine. With the help of their videos they will show their talent in dancing. In the video, we can see Marcus Dobre doing various gymnastics and breakdancing actions.

Marcus is part of a total of three Youtube channels. They are Lucas and Marcus with more than 23 million subscribers, the Dobre brothers with more than 10 million subscribers, and Dobre Cars with more than 3 million subscribers. The combined views on all of these channels are over 9 billion. Marcus Dobre’s main source of income is via YouTube. He uploads videos about challenges, experiences, vlogs, and jokes, among many others. All of the siblings have a total combined net worth of approximately $ 26 million. all their income mostly from Youtube. We can assume that a quarter of this amount belongs to Marcus Dobre.

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Who is Marcus Dobre Dating Now?

Even though all of her brothers are married, engaged, or in love with someone, Marcus Dobre is single. In the past, he was the subject of some controversy when he posted a photo of himself with Ariana Grande and called him his girlfriend. But it turned out to be exactly that – a rumor. In 2021, Marcus Dobre is single. There are reported instances of him describing his ideal type of girlfriend but he is not in a relationship with anyone. Meanwhile, Cyrus Dobre is married to Christina Dobre, Darius Dobre is dating Madeline Damskey, and Lucas Dobre is dating Ivanita Lomeli. The Dobre brothers had their parents’ stable relationship as something to watch out for when it came to their own relationship. We can’t wait to see who Marcus Dobre chooses for himself.

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