Who Is Kris Allen’s Girlfriend, Does He Have A Boyfriend?


Kristopher Neil Allen was born on June 21, 1985. He is not only a famous American musician and singer but also a prominent songwriter. He is from Conway, Arkansas. He is also the winner of the 8th season of American or Idol. He is best known for playing a combination of rocking pop music alternating with blue-eyed soul rock acoustic rock. In 2021, Kris Allen married Katy Allen. The couple started dating in 2008 and have been together for 12 years and 10 months. Katy Allen is a very famous actress in Hollywood and is known for several films where she has strong roles to play. She is best known for her work in Great Expectations (2013), The Worst Witch (1998), The Seasoning House (2012), and many others.

Kris Allen had one relationship before he started dating Katy. There are no records of him being previously engaged. There have been a lot of rumors online about who Kris Allen was dating before and after her wedding, while it’s relatively easy to keep track of who she was with, it’s even harder to track down their relationship and breakup. Like most celebrity couples, Kris and Katy Allen have kept their relationship a secret. The happy couple who have been together for almost 13 years also have three children named Oliver Neil Allen, Rose Elizabeth Allen, and Marlo James Francis Allen. Katy Allen was born Katherine O’Connell on July 9, 1986. She is a leading actress as well as producer and is also one year younger than Kris.

Who is Kris Allen’s Girlfriend?

Allen married his high school friend and partner Katy O’Connell on September 26, 2008. Their son was born in 2013, They had a second child, a daughter in 2016 and they had a third child, another son in 2019. He is the first married contestant to win American idols. Of course, like every other couple, there are things to take away from a romantic relationship in their lives too. Kris Allen admitted without hesitation, in one of his episodes, which aired Saturdays at 11 a.m. on MTV, that when he was seventeen, he broke up with his Katy. Allen and his current wife, Katy, dated for a year as their final year of school rolled around and Kris thought that he needed some space to rock like a real senior.

He also clearly mentioned later that he was a jerk and that Katy was friendly. He mentioned that he wanted to be free like a bird and turned into a presumptuous man back then. He says that he always thrives on his own space without realizing that no one is trying to intrude on his private space. He also acknowledged the fact that he was becoming too pretentious and that it was all an effect of hitting his teens. He also regretted reality because he thought that he probably should have realized this earlier, but he wasn’t the type of guy who could go from one girl to another and then embrace countless others. “I don’t have a game with the women, but with her, it’s very easy to go up and talk, and everything always clicks,” she said. He also mentioned how everyone is always passionate about their relationship.

Kris and Katy Allen got back together after breaking up.

Kris and Katy Allen are back together

As previously mentioned, there was a slight distortion in their relationship so eventually, they went their separate ways for a two week break, and then both claimed that it would be a permanent breakup and both got ready for it. Kris mentioned that Katy is really having a hard time dealing with breakups because they get to see each other and they often see each other at premieres and parties or other events, but they can’t call each other’s partners and don’t get to spend much time together. Eventually, though, they got back together and ended up getting married shortly before Allen debuted in the eighth season of American Idol which was a huge success as he eventually won. However, Kris still felt bad about how he treated his beloved lover back then. He had clearly apologized to Katy and now they are a happy couple with their three small children.

Kris Allen with his wife Katy Allen and their children: Oliver Neil Allen, Rose Elizabeth Allen photographed at his home in Nashville.

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