Who is Kawaki? – Boruto Anime Reveals Kawaki’s Tragic Past

Boruto Anime fans may be wondering who Kawaki really is? With the explosion of the Kara Arc, we saw how the organization worked, unlike previous months. People like Jigen and Kashin Koji are no longer just characters from manga. We’ve seen Jigen appear in most of the episodes in the last few months. But now that things seem to be moving onto the plot a little more, then Jigen probably won’t be appearing anytime soon. Kashin Koji went to retrieve the ship, but Delta became impatient and followed along as she took her time.

When Delta caught up with Kashin Koji, she reacted the same way Kashin Koji did. And now it looks like he might have the same idea as Kashin Koji for the first time in a long time. This happened after they saw Karma Boruto, and this means they have now found Momoshiki’s ship. Kashin Koji found this interesting enough that he decided to abandon his mission and see what happened.

Kawaki Past - Manga

Kawaki from the Boruto Manga

Then Boruto leaves and makes his first contact with Kawaki in the anime. When the anime started, Kawaki emerged as the center of attention of Boruto Naruto Next Generations. Since then, we’ve been waiting to see Kawaki appear in anime and manga for about four years. The manga hasn’t even touched on the scene where Kawaki destroys Konoha, and it’s been too long since then.

Instead, the anime has given us a glimpse into Kawaki’s past and what has happened to him up to this point. Boruto Episode 189 will give us a lot more about that. But for now, it looks like the anime will build on more of Delta and Koji’s next move. The next episode will continue to flow Crunchyroll.

Kawaki’s Past: Kara’s Test Subject

Kara Kawaki's Past Test Subjects

Kara Kawaki’s Past Test Subjects

The beginning of the last episode Boruto saw a flashback to Kawaki’s past as he lay unconscious on the ground. Then we looked at Kawaki’s past right after he passed the exam as a vessel. It seemed like he was the next person to take the test after Garo, who failed. Garo also participated in the test. And it seemed that it was against his will because he was told that he would gain power. Garo still seems power hungry and can do anything to gain that power.

Now Delta promises him that he will be promoted to Inner if he can defeat and bring Kawaki back. Such was the past that Kawaki and Garo shared. And we also got to see Jigen’s first meeting with Kawaki. Kawaki has grown to the point where he is afraid of Jigen based on how he treats him. Looks like Jigen bought Kawaki from his father. Based on how the person has treated her, she may not be the parent and is running some human trafficking scheme.

Who is Kawaki?

Kawaki – Boruto Episode Still

Now we know that Kara is looking for a ship, and of all the tested people and children. Kawaki was the only match. And now, as Kara’s precious vessel, Kashin Koji went to get her. After witnessing another ship, which Kara found with great difficulty, it was almost impossible. Kashin Koji even abandoned his mission and is now observing Boruto, the second ship. Then Delta appeared, and the two of them reacted the same way. And now, he no longer saw taking Kawaki as a priority anymore.

The Future of Kawaki and Leaf Village

Boruto and his team find Kawaki, who thinks they are from Kara. But after Garo appeared, it seemed like he would believe them. But first, Kawaki had to deal with Garo, something even if he couldn’t, they would be more than happy to help. With Koji and Delta watching from afar, we are still not sure what they will do after Garo is defeated. This is where we will see what they will do next.

Will, they let Boruto and his team go with Kawaki on the left. Or if they have other ideas, then we will see their decision in the next episode. This week we have another anime that will release new episodes throughout the week, then Boruto will come on the weekend. To get a complete schedule or guide to watching anime, you can see our latest news: weekly anime news update.

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