Who is Kat Graham Dating? The Vampire Diaries Star Making The Relationship Official!

The Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham has become a prominent face on the small and big screen. While the star bagged several wins and nominations for her role in the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries as Bonnie Bennett, Kat Graham has starred in films such as The Roommate, Honey 2 and has even appeared in music videos for artists such as Usher, John Legend, and many more. .

Apart from making a name for herself in the Entertainment industry, Kat Graham has had some whirlwind romances that have managed to grab media attention too! After a messy breakup and some short-lived romances, it looks like the Vampire Diaries star has a new guy in her life, and she wasted no time making him an official Insta for her fans! Fans are excited to see the two showing some virtual PDAs on social media!

Kat Graham Dating: The Vampire Diaries Star Has A New Man In Her Life!

Meet the new man in Kat Graham’s life: Darren Genet! Darren Genet has worked with Kat Graham, and the two are no stranger to each other as they both hail from the Entertainment industry. Genet is a director and cinematographer and has worked on several major projects, including The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies, and Good Girls as well. While the two have kept the relationship out of the media spotlight, Kat Graham chose Valentine’s Day to introduce her boyfriend to the world along with two mushy photos! Now that Kat Graham is Dating Darren Genet, the star recently took to Twitter, and fans can see some mushy photos of the two as they look so adorable together. Take a look at the post by Kat Graham given below.

While wishing her husband a Happy Valentine’s Day, Kat Graham made the relationship Insta official, and soon, the photos went viral with fans filling the comment box with wishes. The two are not only involved in a romantic relationship but also work together as the creators of a production company called Frequency Films.

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Kat Graham Dating Cottrell Guidry And Engaged To Him!

Kat Graham had a whirlwind romance with ex-girlfriend Cottrell Guidry, and they even got engaged too. While wedding preparations went well as the two were so excited, the sudden split caused a huge shock to fans around. While both parties are fairly tight-lipped about the matter, the reasons behind the sudden split are well-known.

Kat Graham

However, Kat Graham canceled the engagement; she is reportedly dating stand-up comedian Jay Pharaoh. He is known for his appearances on Saturday Night Live, and both said for a short time. Romance is short-lived and far from the center of media attention.

The Vampire Diaries Star Kat Graham recently looked away with a no-makeup photo shoot!

Kat Graham recently surprised her fans with a special no-make-up photo shoot for People’s Magazine, and believe it or not, but the Vampire Diaries star admits she needs more time than usual! The star opened up about how she prepared for the shoot and started a juice cleanse to try out her existing theory that came from within, and the cleanup worked. Just three days before the shoot, Graham started his juice cleanse, and the results were great; The actress also started wearing her natural curls too!

Kat Graham

The pictures look phenomenal because Kat Graham is all about the no-makeup look and gives us a little bit more of a vibe! While talking about the Photo Shoot and the ongoing catastrophe caused by the pandemic, the Honey 2 star said that this is an opportunity we should give ourselves to heal and practice some self-love. While Graham really rocked his recent shoot, he’s had a whirlwind romance with Darren, and his social media is getting quite the buzz, thanks to all the flabby images the two have clicked on over the years.

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