Who is Dave Portony Dating, Why Is He Called The King Of Scandal?

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is considered the center of attention of the industry. Even after his scandal and arrest, he still maintained a good reputation in the industry. Dave is the best for his character as El Presidente for Barstool Sports. He has had a lot of problems in the past. Portnoy has been arrested twice in NFL-related incidents

first on May 12, 2015, when New York City police arrested him after he and three Barstool workers handcuffed each other to NFL headquarters ground to protest against Deflategate, and repeatedly in 2019 when he was placed in a blocking cell at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a portion of the SuperBowl III. In the latest incident, he had created fake tickets to attend the press event the day before and was barred from attending the match.

Whom Did Dave Portnoy Marry With?

Dave Portnoy: The King of Scandal.

A girl will not be too big on choosing a husband like Dave. However, Dave manages to merge with his true love Renne Portnoy. Her fans call her the first lady. They both started dating in 2005 after Dave met her on the set of Barstool Sports, where he helped her with behind-the-scenes business. In 2008, they announced their engagement and got married in the same year. However, in 2017 their marriage fell apart when Dave’s affair with Jordyn Hamilton saw the truth.

Dave is not ashamed of having an affair with his wife

In the press conference, Dave reveals that his relationship with Renne is dead, but they are not ready to give up on each other. But when she met Jordyn. She was officially in a relationship with Jordyn after she left her marriage in 2017. But Karma always finds her way back, and this time the prey is Jordyn.

Dave tricks Jordyn with a soul cycle instructor. Jordyn replies that he saw him coming because he made a mistake with Dave’s ex-wife, and the bad deed found a way back. He added to his statement that he would learn from ex-wife Dave and focus on his career as much as he did. Renne found peace and healing when she served animals, and Jordyn said she would do the same. So he remains focused on his job as a cycling instructor. She even started her clothing brand that sold athletic clothing. Jordyn is a bright student and has been working since he passed out from college in Boston.

Karma Dave

Karma Dave never deviates in the form of love, but always happens as a court order. In 2019, the National Labor Relations Council investigated Portnoy who was posted on Twitter alleging that Dave was illegally threatened with firing his workers if they unified. That same year, Portnoy transferred an informal agreement with the Council, which forced him to delete his threatening tweets and remove potential anti-union material produced by Barstool Sports. The agreement also notes that the Twitter account that initially encouraged employees to unite was owned by Barstool to leave the workforce.

Boo New Dave

Dave is dating 24 year old former Philadephia Eagles cheerleader named St. Clair. The couple was seen sharing an intimate moment at a nightclub in Miami. Clair has also posted a photo of Dave on his official Instagram account. Neither of them confirmed their relationship, but we cannot call it a serious relationship worthy; It can be called cheating.

Big Fat Sex Tape Scandal

Dave’s ex-wife said that wherever Dave went, Scandal followed. And he’s not wrong. Recently a video was leaked in which Dave was naked, and he was holding the leach to the collar of a dog, and a girl wearing that collar. To which he replied, it wouldn’t hurt to embellish some things. He added to his statement that he liked bad things and said he had the girl’s approval. Dave says content will always be in fashion no matter what.

The girl in the video is a 22 year old student named Raines. However, feminist groups target Dave to objectify women. As a result of this scandal, Dave’s shares plummeted. For that he called for an emergency press conference. He said his stock fell because someone released his sex tape. He said everyone likes sexual things, but this is not an excuse to attack someone in their professional life.

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