Who is Asher Angel Dating, Shazam’s Son Spotted With Tiktok Star?

After the heartbreaking news of Asher Angel and LeBlanc’s Breakup, Asher fans were looking forward to knowing how she’s doing and whether she has moved on or not. And they hope he looks forward to life and does well. And their wish seems to have come true as Asher recently released the news about him and Caroline Georgy dating. This news was released by him through a video. Andi Mack’s star has definitely grown up in his life and for those who don’t know him. Asher Dov Angel was born on September 6, 2002, and he is an American actor as well as a social media influencer. His career began as a child actor in the 2008 film Jolene, starring Jessica Chastain.

This film is an American drama film directed by Dan Ireland and is based on the short story “Jolene: A Life” by EL Doctorow. He is also famous for his role as Jonah Beck in the Disney Channel 2017 series Andi Mack which is an American comedy drama series. In 2019, Angel also plays the famous character Billy Batson in the DC Extended Universe Shazam! Angel was born in the city of Phoenix in Arizona. There he lived in the Valley of Heaven area in Arizona. His parents are Jody Andel and Coco Angel. Angel is the eldest of three children and has a brother and sister. He’s a Jew, and he also sings and plays guitar too.


Asher Angel

Asher Angel

At the tender age of 5, Angel first appeared in the 2008 film Jolene. She then started her career in acting by appearing in many theatrical productions. Then at the age of seven, he auditioned for Oliver’s music with his parents’ permission. And also won the same role. Auditions were held by the Desert Stages Theater. His mother then promised to take him to Los Angeles if he worked and did 30 local shows. And she did exactly that and went on to several plays, including The little mermaid, Seussical, Mary Poppins, and Into the Woods, at the Desert Stages Theater in Scottsdale. And as promised by her mother, Angel went to Los Angeles at the age of 12, where she auditioned for the role of Johan Beck and also won the same part for the Disney Channel show Andi Mack.

This is a breakthrough in his career. For this, his entire family moved to Utah to accommodate the filming of the series. Then, in April 2019, Angel also played the main role of Billy Batson. Together with Zachary Levi who plays the alter ego of an adult superhero in the film adapted from DC Comics’ Shazam !. This film is a further installment of the DC Extended Universe and was released to critical acclaim. Angel is greatly appreciated for his role in the same. Angel then released his debut single “One Thought Away,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, on June 6, 2019.

Who is Asher Angel Dating?

Asher Angel

Asher Angel and Caroline Gregory

After Asher’s break up with LeBlanc, he has now released news about him dating Caroline Gregory. He is a TikTok user. And known as the lipsync sensation of TikTok. He first started making TikTok videos on his old account around May 2018. He attended Revel: The Dance Convention Revelation in 2019. And has two different eye colors. He has two brothers named Carsten and Carter. Dan started dating Asher in January 2021. Asher recently released a video of himself and Caroline on Youtube and announced his relationship.

The video consists of a photo of him and Caroline. Where the two held hands and hugged each other. The video also shows several videos of the Tic Tok that the two have made together. And among them there is a comment from their insta account. Where Caroline wrote ‘I Want Him’ and Asher wrote ‘Mine’. This video was released by J-14 magazine on 7 Jan 2021. And the description reads, “Love is on the air for Asher Angel, and her new boyfriend Caroline Gregory! The former Disney Channel actor and TikTok star took their relationship to the next level by going public to celebrate 2021 ”.

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