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A hacker or computer expert has a life apart from his profession. Not just being a hacker doesn’t mean that his whole life consists of solving problems or hacking things. That’s what is explained in the German techno-thriller film – Who Am I. Who Am I is based on the story of a hacker whose other side of life is shown in this film, the hacker has been involved in a murder mystery. , throughout the film we do not know whether the real hacker is the real culprit or not and we are only shown throughout the film that the hacker is trying to save himself from that claim.

The hacker victim side is featured in Who Am I, not the killer side of the film. The film starts with the same important story about a murder where the name of the hacker from Berlin comes in for screenings, and there the film continues with all the code, which sometimes becomes difficult to digest. But, after watching the film, you must be wondering whether Benjamin was right or not.

The Who Am I Plot Poster

The Who Am I Plot Poster

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Who Am I – A Little Insight into the Plot

Benjamin Engel, who is basically a hacker from Berlin, is caught up in questioning on a murder charge he says has been falsely accused. The investigation, in this case, was carried out by Hanne Lindberg, who is the Head of Europol’s Cyber ​​Security department. The hacker came to the condition that he would tell about his 3 friends with whom they hacked, with no other choice left, Hanne agreed to listen to him. Benjamin does this because he also knows what happens if someone doesn’t cooperate while investigating.

The story then takes you back to how Benjamin was here, he started believing himself to be a superhero after his parents died of suicide right when he was 8 years old. Growing up with her grandmother, who was always sick, she started coding as a child and managed to launch her own system when she was only 14 years old. However, he felt like the superhero he told me about sometimes he also felt like a loser because he had lost almost everything in his life, but he also added that the internet doesn’t make him feel that way. He is related to his coding idol, who is also an idol in his life as well as the name MRX, whom Benjamin once met on the darknet.

In the course, he said that he was once arrested for copying documents from the campus server, to help the girl he loved since then and in doing so he was caught and then arrested. Even though she was left with some little social work and there when she became community work, she found MRX, which became one of her good coding friends.

Who Am I Plot Preview and Ending Explained

Who Am I Plot Preview and Ending Explained

Who Am I- Ending Explained

Everything started to change because Hanne saw the wound on Benjamin’s palm. Here, she decided to trust doctor Benjamin. He realizes that three of Benjamin’s other friends are actually innocent, and perhaps the main culprit is Benjamin himself. Doctor Benjamin informs that his parents committed suicide because of a certain feeling, and it is clear that this may also be passed on to Benjamin and that he could therefore kill the attacker while joining some of the other points of the case that Hanne realized was possible. it’s possible that he hacked the BND alone and the WW II bullets might have been taken from his grandmother and could then be implanted in a hotel room. Overall, she begins to believe that Benjamin herself is CLAY and because she also sees Benjamin’s emotional side, which seems to have been damaged after the death of her parents.

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