Where to Watch True Beauty Online?

Where to Watch True Beauty is a salient question at the moment. The hit series was on the air but, until recently, created buzz in the neighborhood. The series was a huge success and captured our hearts completely. The drama airs on tvN’s original network every Wednesday and Thursday. The 2020-2021 drama made us totally fall in love with it. Until now, we watched the series many times, and newcomers wanted to know where to watch it in the first case. So let’s discuss this drama in depth like where to watch and why to watch the drama. True beauty is a South Korean drama adapted from the webtoon “Yeoshingangrim” by Yaongyi.

Being bullied is a big case in South Korea, and not only that, people there prefer good looks. Likewise with cases around the world, but that obsession has become too inherent in South Korea, as shown and handled in the drama. This drama shows us the hardships a girl faces due to her appearance of how she was brutally bullied by other classmates. Which made her change her appearance through makeup. But the danger of disclosure always hangs around his neck. Troubles keep running for the young girl, and she keeps falling for one trick or another. This drama is also very popular not in South Korea but around the world.

How the whole life changes for a girl, with the support of a charming prince in her life, is the whole story of the drama and makes us feel like watching Cinderella’s story. The overall presentation of the drama is too good, which can only be felt by watching the drama alone.

True Beauty Quick Summary

True Beauty is the place to watch

A Still from True Beauty

Of course, we all know about true beauty from before. The drama’s release sent a thunderstorm across the social media world. But still for those who are new to the drama and want to know more about the drama. So here’s a quick summary for you to decide why you should watch the play. The whole drama story revolves around the four main characters Lim Joo Gyung, Lee Su Ho, Han Seo Jun, and Kang Soo Jin. Kang Soo-Jin is Joo Gyung’s friend, who is both beautiful and talented at studies. Lim Joo Gyung and Lee Su Ho fall in love with each other. But the story gets a little complicated when Kang Soo Jin falls in love with Lee Su Ho, and Han Seo Jun falls in love with Lim Joo Gyung.

Lim Joo Gyung is a girl who gets bullied because of her appearance from the very beginning of her life. One day the mother and her chest decided to leave the area and move to another place, so they changed schools. Before moving to a new school, she mastered the art of make-up and completely transformed herself. At the new school, she immediately became famous and admired for her looks, something she had always wanted.

But soon, Su Hoo finds out the secret. Soo Ho becomes a nice guy and falls in love with him instead. But the bullies from her previous school, with Kang Soo Jin’s help, reveal her secret in front of everyone to make her feel humiliated. But the whole incident only made him stronger, and he turned to fight. What happens next, where does her love story go, it’s all in the drama you need to watch.

Where to Watch True Beauty

K-drama True Beauty

Still from the drama True Beauty

Now let’s answer the last question. The true beauty can be seen on the official website of the original network, namely tvN. The drama has a total of 16 episodes that will air from December 9, 2020 to February 4, 2021. The duration of each episode is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The drama also streams on online streaming sites such as Viki with more than 30 subtitles. Directed by Kim Sang Hyub and screenplay by Lee Shi Eun. This drama is a romantic comedy drama and a youth drama. In the main role, we have Moon Ga Young as Lim Joo Gyung. Cha Eun Woo as Lee Su Ho, Hwang In Yeop as Han Seo Jun. And Park Yoo Na as Kang Soo Jin.

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