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A family drama film that takes us on a journey of self-realization and past mistakes is last year’s More Than Family. This film tells the story of To-il who gets pregnant in the middle of going out with his student. Directed by Choi Ha-Na-I, this film stars Krystal Jung, Jang Hye-jin, Choi Deok-moon, and Nam Moon-chu in the lead roles. More Than Family received a warm response. It received an approval rating of 8.2 on Korean review aggregator Naver. The film was well praised. Many fans refer to it as a fun lazy watch that can be enjoyed with family.

More Than Family was released on November 12, 2020. It follows To-li played by Krystal Jung who becomes pregnant while dating her 19 year old tutor student. Much to the disappointment of her stepfather and mother, she embarks on a journey to find the baby’s stepfather. An emotional rollercoaster ride brings nostalgia and memories.

It’s been a long time since the film opened in theaters. Since then, people have been wondering where they can officially stream movies online. Here are all the details you need to know about More Than Family and where you can watch family dramas.

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More Than Family- Where To Stream?

More Than Family is unfortunately available to stream officially only in a limited number of countries as of now. You can find the film at Rakuten Viki. American streaming service that allows users to stream content from a number of regions. More Than Family is available for streaming Rakuten Viki in the region including the United States, Korea, Japan, Mainland China, and Taiwan.

Summary – More than Family

More Than Family tells about To-il, a girl with a difficult childhood. When he was five years old, his mother remarried. He had no choice but to leave the house where he grew up. Facing a new father, To-il has nothing but starting a new life. He goes to a new city and finds life in Seoul. Even though it took time, he adjusted and accepted the new things in the city.

More Than Family: Where To Watch Korean Family Dramas?

Still From More Than Family

As a student today, To-il begins to build a life of his own. In order to pay his own fees, he began personally teaching students who helped him through the school. When she started embracing her life, things turned upside down. She falls in love with Ho-Hoon, a nineteen year old boy who is one of her own students. Well, falling for her was one thing until she realized she was pregnant with her child.

To-il kept the news a secret until the end, he had to reveal it to his parents. Her mother and stepfather were very disappointed in her. Due to his parents’ denial, To-il tries to find his real father whom he hasn’t seen for 15 years. Ho Hoon on the other hand disappeared leaving his stepfather Il to carry out his own search. When they all passed each other, a delightful adventure emerged.

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Cast More Than Family

More Than Family: Where To Watch Korean Family Dramas?

Still From More Than Family

More Than Family includes a number of cast members who are passionate about making the film fun and bright. Starting with Krystal Jung. An actress is known for her roles in TV Dramas such as The Heirs (2013), My Lovely Girl (2014), Prison Playbook (2017). It was here that he started to lead as Kim Toe-il. Krystal joined Shin Jae-hwi in the role of To-Il’s girlfriend, Ho Hoon. Also joining is Jang Hye-jin who is known for the academy award-winning film Parasite. Here he plays the role of Seon-myeong. The cast also includes Choi Deok-moon as To-Il’s stepfather, Tae Hyo, Nam Moon-Chul as Ho Hoon’s father along with Lee Hae-young as Hwan Gyu, and Kang Mal-geum as Ho Hoon’s mother.

More Than Family is under the direction and screenplay written by Choi Ha-Na-I. The film was produced by Kim Se-hun under ATO and MOTTO and distributed by Little Big Pictures. Kim Ji-Hyun plays a film cinematographer with music provided by Park In-young. The film placed 50th at the box office on review aggregator Naver Movie Database one month after its release. You can check out the More Than Family trailer below.

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