When did Rang De come to the OTT platform?


Rang De has been in development for quite a while now, and the anticipated fans are looking forward to its release with big hearts. Well, you should know that this fairy tale was made in Telegu by Venky Atluri. The main genre of this film is romance and comedy. The Rang De plot is allegedly beloved by fans, and you may all be wondering what it is. Rang De is a story about a couple who initially hates each other and tries to bring down their partner at first. The story also teaches us how love is stronger than any other emotion in the world and has the power to bring people together. The main character of this film is a boy named Arjun who is loved by his parents and also his neighbors.

There weren’t many children in their society, and because of that, everyone’s attention was on her, and she loved being in the center. But soon, his comfort collapsed when Anupama approached his house. The attention that Arjun had first received was now upon him. On top of that, he was a weak kid in his studies, but Anu excelled in all his grades and subjects as well. So, Arjun’s parents often compared him to Arjun who reminded them how he is better at work than him. This creates a feeling of hatred in him towards Anu. On the other hand, Anu really likes Arjun and is always ready to help him. Well, if you want to know more about the plot, then you can all learn about it in the plot section below. But first let’s discuss the details of the release date of this film.

Rang De OTT Platform Release Date

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Rang De OTT Platform Release and Cast Dates

Rang De is released in theaters on March 26, 2021, and fans love the whole concept. But now, people who cannot attend the cinema due to the increasing threat of the Corona Virus in the country are very much waiting for the film to come out on the OTT platform. If you are one such person and unable to watch Rang De online, then we have got you covered. Rang De is slated to come out on the Zee Plex starting the first week of May 2021, and you can all stream on the platform. Later, starting May 21, 2021, the film will also be released at Zee 5.

Today, the film is quite popular because of its plot and star-studded cast. The list includes Nithiin reprising the role of Arjun. Keerthy Suresh plays the character Anupama. Naresh is doing the role of Arjun’s father. Kausalya reprises the role of Arjun’s mother.

Rang De – Plot Summary

Now, we will return to discussing what the plot of this story is. So, let’s see Arjun starting to hate Anu, as we discussed earlier. Because of that, she decided to apply to university in Dubai to get away from this environment and especially praise from Anu. But we know he’s not as good at his studies; Thus, through various illegal means and connections from his friends, he managed to get an acceptable score on the GMAT. His father became very happy and even threw a party to celebrate his successful acceptance into a foreign university. Although, his plan failed when he found out that he was left behind at the entrance with a grade of 1 because two students beat him with that grade.

On digging further, Arjun learns that it is Anu and, out of jealousy, rambles on to his mother about his plans to continue his studies and not marry. This made Anu very sad and, despite all her hatred, at one point, had to give in to her parents’ desire for marriage with a heavy heart. But Anu is not an ordinary girl who lets a man step on her dream of learning and becoming successful. She plans a very strong plot and pranks Arjun to marry her and take her to Dubai with her. Arjun too relented due to pressure from society but was unhappy with the marriage. Then, as the film progresses from scene to scene, we see the two fall in love again and enter into a happy ending.

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