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The wait for When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 1 is almost over, so we’ll cover everything you need to know before starting season eight. When Calls the Heart is a Canadian American television family drama series with Michael Landon Jr. as its creator. This series is an adaptation of the Janette Oke novel of the same name. The first season of the twelve-episode series aired from January 11 to March 29, 2014. The previous and seventh seasons aired ten episodes from February 23, 2020 to April 26, 2020. The eighth season of the series is scheduled to premiere twelve episodes. Season 8 Episode 1 of When Calls the Heart will premiere on 21 February 2021. The new season is scheduled to air twelve episodes every Sunday.

The series follows Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher who lives the life of high society in the nineteenth century. He lives in Coal Valley, a small coal mining town in Western Canada, where his life is simple, but he often faces certain challenges as he adjusts to his new life in a Western frontier town. Most of the Coal Valley, except for a Royal Northwest Mounted Police cop named Jack Thornton. The series continues as Elizabeth learns frontier ways and thrives in the western countryside alone.

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Season 7 Final Recap

When Calls the Heart Season 7 episode 10

The episode’s title is “Don’t Go. Here’s a quick summary of what happened at the end of season seven.

Elizabeth hears the news about her new book. He was prepaid $ 200.

Henry creates several misunderstandings between Elizabeth and when Lucas tells her that Lucas is withdrawing her investment. After Elizabeth confronts Lucas about it, she tells him that she lost money because of it and she can’t keep doing it. Later, Elizabeth apologized to Lucas and admitted that Henry didn’t tell her about the whole situation.

The next day, Elizabeth met Nathan before school started for the day. Nathan was interrupted every time he tried to ask Elizabeth out on a date.

Later, Lucas arranged a romantic date for Elizabeth with candles and champagne as a way to celebrate her success.

Nathan then informed Elizabeth of his decision to leave the city for a few days.

The finals ended with Bill riding on someone who had a gunshot wound. The injured person appears to be Nathan, which horrifies Elizabeth. Luckily, the episode reveals that this person is not Nathan so Elizabeth runs over to hug him, saddened Lucas.

Final When Calls the Heart Season 7

What to Expect in When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 1?

The new season will start with a few months’ lag, during which Elizabeth is still confused between the two suitors.

Season seven leaves audiences on a big cliffhanger as Elizabeth, Nathan, and Lucas get involved in a love triangle that, by the way, remains unresolved. So the eighth season will finally end the confusion between them and Elizabeth will finally get on with her romantic life.

This season will also follow Jesse and Clara as they start a new life after their marriage.

Fiona and Kevin probably started a romantic relationship after she got fired from her job in season seven.

A new family, The Canfieds, will arrive in Hope Valley. They are a family of four who came to the city in hopes of buying the city gas station. The family includes Joseph, his wife Minnie, and their two children Angela and Cooper.

Joseph Canfield will face some complications when he tries but the city gas station.

The first episode will welcome new visitors to the city which is Lucas’s mother, Helen Bouchard. He will soon find out about his son’s interest in Elizabeth. Luckily, Helen gets along with Elizabeth and also tells her a secret she has been keeping from Lucas.

Furthermore, the episode will also feature Faith’s return from medical school, along with Jesse and Clara.

Preview of When Calls the Heart Season 8

Cast in Season 8:

  • Elizabeth Thatcher – Played By Erin Krakow
  • Nathan Grant – Played By Kevin McGarry
  • Lucas Bouchard – Played By Chris McNally
  • Henry Gowen – Played By Martin Cummins
  • Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter – Played By Pascale Hutton
  • Leland “Lee” Coulter – Played By Kavan Smith
  • Bill Avery – Played By Jack Wagner
  • Dr. Carson Shephard – Played By Paul Greene
  • Faith Carter – Played By Andrea Brooks
  • Jesse Flynn – Played By Aren Buchholz
  • Clara Stanton Flynn – Played By Eva Bourne

New Characters in Season Eight:

  • Joseph Clanfield – Played By Viv Leacock
  • Minnie Clanfield – Played By Natasha Burnett
  • Angela Clanfield – Played By Vienna Leacock
  • Cooper Clanfield – Played By Elias Leacock

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