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After years of waiting, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is about to be released. Snyder’s fans were all excited to see the film. But along with that, fans also asked for the return of Snyderverse. While we’re still not sure if Snyderverse will ever get back on track as DC has moved on to the batman reboot to ‘The Batman’ and we also don’t know what DC plans are for their film world, as standalone films like Joker have also been released. However, the only surviving film franchise from Snyderverse is “Wonder Woman”. And today, we take a look at What if Zack Snyder Directs Wonder Woman 3?

Before we look at the possibility of Zack Snyder returning to the DCEU with Wonder Woman 3, let’s take a quick recap of everything that has happened in the Wonder Woman films so far. We’ll be looking at Wonder Woman and a sequel to Wonder Woman 1984.

About Wonder Woman

In the first Wonder Woman film, we saw Zack Snyder in the chair of a screenwriter. It was Zack who bought Gal Gadot for the role of Wonder Woman, and we all still thank him for that. Directed by Patty Jenkins, this film is about the original story of Diana, how she became “Wonder Woman”.

When a warplane piloted by army pilot Steve Trevor crashes into a desert island paradise belonging to the warriors, they find a land only for women. This women’s sanctuary on Themyscira was created by the Olympus gods. Princess Diana, one of the immortal Amazons, decided to help her rescue. She also decided to go with him to his home, early 20th century London and a world he had never known.

He went to this foreign outside world to stop the war, which he believed was influenced by the god Ares. This is a very tough mission for him, because he left the only life he knows. She has to deal between a mission to promote peace and the education of her own soldiers, as “Wonder Woman”. We will see Diana having to fight crime in the “war to end all wars” at the end of the film.

Batman V Superman and Justice League

While these films don’t place as much importance on Wonder Woman as they did in the first films, they also played a key role in building the Diana we see. Despite Justice League’s Zack Snyder, Diana will be the one we need to watch to find out the Diana we see today. But still, Diana revealed who she was to Bruce Wayne, and it was they who originally decided to form the Super Hero team.

What happened in Wonder Woman 1984?

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Despite the current pandemic sweeping across the globe, fans are still excited about the sequel to their favorite female superhero. However, this time we don’t see Snyder’s involvement in this film. Although the cause is unknown or not, the sequel did not get much appreciation from both critics and fans, but this film still performed well.

In 1984, after saving the world in the first Wonder Woman film, Princess Diana of Themyscira decided to stay under the radar. He now works as an archaeologist at the Smithsonian Museum. He still lives alone in memory of the brave US pilot, Captain Steve Trevor. When the antagonist Maxwell Lord decided to use the power of the transparent golden yellow citrine gemstone to satisfy his desire for power.

Along with many other challenges to face in this new timeline, with Steve’s unexpected recovery, which he never expected. Diana had to do what was necessary to save the world from the impending events of Maxwell Lord. New age and new challenges for Diana.

Will Zack make a comeback with Wonder Woman 3?

Although the film had some mixed reviews of Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Brothers still announced Wonder Woman 3 due to the large collection the film acquired. They announced the third part of the film after a few days.

Wonder Woman 3

Even though Patty Jenkins was assigned as director for the next Wonder Woman film, rumor has it that the Executive from DC also wanted Zack to direct the film. Even though it seemed unbelievable, the rumors indicated that there was a high chance it would come true. However, there were several obstacles for Snyder to sit in the director’s chair.

Because Patty Jenkins had signed a contract, and if the studio wanted to change directors, they had to pay a sizable amount in compensation, which wasn’t good news for any producer. Simultaneously, Zack could actually advance his vision for Wonder Woman, but still, he couldn’t make the DCEU world he wanted come true.

It’s also interesting to see if they don’t rewrite the director. How is the story of Wonder Woman coming? Will following the Snyder franchise’s vision behave as if nothing happened? Tell us what you think.

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