Welcome Home Ending Explained: Are Bryan and Cassie Caught?

Welcome Home by George Ratliff is a thriller drama that deals with demonic characters who intend to ruin relationships. It emerges in people’s lives as a “harmless” figure as they sow the seeds to strengthen the tension between such couples. The goal is to separate them as they try to steal half of them as their own. When a couple starring former ‘The Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul and ‘American Model and Actress’ Emily Ratajkowski have problems in their relationship, they try to fix it. For this, they plan a romantic journey where they encounter the devil in their life played by Riccardo Scamarcio. The film has been out for a few years now, however, there are some lingering doubts among viewers. Let’s explain about the Welcome Home Ending.

Welcome homeThe story deals with the idea of ​​a drama fueled by an invasion of privacy. We are all afraid of people observing us without our knowledge. This fear is instilled deep within us where we fear that people have even been watching us for five minutes. Now, imagine what people could do if they had full access to watch anything you might do within close proximity of your home. This evokes fear that approaches Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning Parasite. Along with fear, we see confrontation, action, and blood. To find out how someone might just know more about you than you lead is a terrible sensation.

What Happens at Welcome Home?

Bryan and Cassie are a handsome American couple who have faced problems in their relationship. To mend their relationship, the two decided to take a week off as they rented a spacious Villa on an Italian Ranch in Umbria. workers. Now they aim to repair the damage of the affair by spending some romantic time in Italy. But ever since he found out Cassie was cheating on him, Bryan became impotent.

Fredrico, the Devil in Disguise

When Cassie goes out for a run, she falls down hurting her uncle. While he was looking for help, he met a eloquent and charming man named Fredrico. He helped her out while also giving her a lift back to the villa in her truck. Here, he even offered Bryan and Cassie a ride into town the next day. During the ride, Bryan observed how Fredrico would look at Cassie with lustful eyes. Disgusted by this, Cassie chooses to go home while Bryan spends his time at a bar. Here, Fredrico drugged Bryans as he hired two women to help Bryan to a hotel room. Drugged, Bryan has sex with both women but fails to remember any such events. After this, Bryan took a taxi back to the villa.

Welcome Home Ending Explained: Are Bryan and Cassie Caught?


It slowly begins to show how Fredrico is the bad guy who happens to have secret cameras all over Bryan and Cassie’s villa. He had watched the two of them use him to make his move in their lives in times of crisis. Fredrico mainly aims to visit the villa when Bryan goes missing, however, Bryan discovers that Fredrico is not their neighbor as he claims. While Bryan tells his owner about this, he threatens Fredrico to say the same to Cassie. But here, Bryan is threatened by Fredrico to tell Cassie how Brayan had sex with two women at the hotel. Bryan doesn’t remember denying it at all. Later, at home, Bryan tells Cassie the truth about Fredrico that Cassie finds hard to believe. He didn’t feel any creepy vibes from Fredrico until he cooked them rabbit soup.

Welcome Home Ending Explained: Are Bryan and Cassie Caught?

Cassie is helped by Fredrico

Infidelity and Murder

Fredrico sees all of this through his camera where Bryan and Cassie finally seem to make up. To do this, the couple plans to have sex but Fredrico who is disgusted by this has plans of his own. He locks Bryan in the basement when he leaves a message for Cassie asking him to wear an eye patch. Thinking that the note was from Bryan, he did. But Fredrico instead entered the room where he started kissing and groping her. But soon, she hears that Bryan has made it out of the basement so she plays a video of Bryan back at the hotel and leaves. Cassie takes off her blindfold and watches a video of Bryan having an affair with two women. She gets dressed after that she meets Bryan to spark an argument between the two.

The two begin to accuse the other of infidelity when Cassie chooses to throw her phone at Bryan. But it hit the mirror instead as it revealed a hidden camera. That’s when the two realized how Fredrico had been watching them the whole time. After being caught, Fredrico decides to take Bryan out with a knife. As the two begin to wrestle, Cassie grabs a walking stick and slams it into Fedrico’s head which takes him by surprise. But instead of stopping, Cassie chose to keep hitting him over and over again, thus killing him. Fearing the murder would be discovered, Fredrico had a plan in mind but then a car pulled over. Quickly hiding the murder in whatever way they can, the two check the visitor as Mr Eduardo, the villa owner.

Welcome Home Ending Explained: Are Bryan and Cassie Caught?

Bryan and Fredrico fight.

What Happens in the Welcome Home Ending?

Bryan tries to fend off the owner by telling him that everything is fine now. Nevertheless, he decided to enter the house. Bryan and Cassie start to panic because they feel they have to kill Eduardo too. This is where we find out that Eduardo is part of Fedrico’s plan. They were both accomplices because Eduardo knew about cameras. He goes straight to the Computer where he learns how Cassie killed Fredrico. Instead of going to the authorities, Eduardo goes to Cassie to ask for her confession, however, Bryan attacks her from behind. Eduardo quickly turned towards him as he pulled out his weapon.

Eduardo tries to get the couple to confess to the murder, but Cassie chooses to stab Eduardo instead. Then Bryan hit him with a stick took his gun and shot him dead. Later, when the couple buried the bodies, they found all the cameras and computers and took them down. Unfortunately, they lost the camera that had been implanted as the eye of one of the gnomes in the garden. Without knowing this, the two vowed not to tell anyone about this because they ended up having sex. Meanwhile, people all over the world happened to be horrified when they saw the corpses worried through their computers.

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Welcome Home Ending Explained: Are Bryan and Cassie Caught?

In the Welcome Home Ending, Bryan and Cassie try to cover up the crime scene as they bury the bodies and burn any evidence they might find. But out of all that, they failed to find the gnome implanted with the camera. This camera records everything that happens in the park which is sent as a live feed to a website called “Eye See You”. Here users can see the pirate life of every tourist. And unfortunately, Bryan and Cassie who buried his body got stuck in the feed. People who watched this video were shocked but quickly switched to another channel. While there was always the possibility that the pair were caught, it seemed to be the case. The people who watched this video themselves committed a crime, therefore they chose not to interfere in this matter.

Welcome Home Ending Explained: Are Bryan and Cassie Caught?


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Will Bryan and Cassie be able to mend their relationship?

The crack in Bryan and Cassie’s relationship stems from the drunken sex Cassie had with her co-workers. This causes Bryan to be impotent as he will always get glimpses of Cassie with other people. So, the couple went on a trip together where a drugged Bryan spent the night with two women. Later knowing about the same, Cassie and Bryan realize that the two have been having an affair due to some sort of drunkenness. Even so, unwilling to give up, they struggle to find out about the camera leading to a climax. This conflict brings Bryan and Cassie back together as they are seen having an intimate bathing session with one of them at the end of Welcome Home.

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