We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained: Horrible Watches

We Need To Talk About Kevin is a very scary British-American psychological thriller released in 2011. This film may seem disturbing to many, and people who have a strong heart and are interested in the psychological fiction genre can continue to screen the film. this. their watchlist. This film is mainly based on the theory of “nature vs. nurture ”and her story briefly depicts a woman named Eva who is a successful writer who has traveled all over the world and has extensive knowledge of cultural diversity and ethnic inclusiveness.

She suddenly found out that she was pregnant and would soon become a mother. Being totally unprepared for his son’s journey, Kevin Khatchadourian grew up in an inattentive and careless household which resulted in some serious problems.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained- Analysis Of The Rationale Behind The Psychopath, The Horrible Watch

Eva, the mother of Kevin’s character

The film was directed by Lynne Ramsay and stars Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly, and Ezra Miller as the main characters of the plot. The film is based on the novel “We Need To Talk About Kevin” by Lionel Shriver published in 2003, and the screen is played by Ramsay and Rory Stewart Kinnear. The filmmakers had planned a film from 2005 and said in an interview that they had to go through continuous research, and it wasn’t completed until April 2010. The film had a budget of $ 7 million and made a total of $ 10.8 million, it was released in the United States. on October 21, 2011. You can watch the film on Netflix, Amazon Prime. This film highlights the importance of love and affection in childhood and how it can affect their whole life.

Movie storyline, we need to talk about Kevin

Jasper Newell plays young Kevin Khatchadourian, born to a reluctant mother, Eva played by Tilda Swinton. While it was clear, she didn’t want to be a mother, her unacceptable behavior never failed to be repulsive because she never cared for him, didn’t show him the slightest bit of physical affection and didn’t even think about it before saying harsh things to her little ones. child. She shuns her duties as a mother and never teaches her about correct morals and is utterly inconsiderate of the mental instability she causes her, and perfectly describes what it looks like to be a manipulative parent.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained- Analysis Of The Rationale Behind The Psychopath, The Horrible Watch

We Need To Talk About Kevin is a psychological horror thriller where the protagonist grows up in an obnoxious childhood

However, Kevin’s father, Franklin Plaskett, played by John C. Reilly, is a bit of a contrast to his mother and is kind, supportive, and helpful to Kevin. Even though Franklin failed to be the suitable father Kevin needed in the situation, he treated Kevin in an unfair way with respect to Eva because he was clearly more inclined towards her. Let’s discuss Kevin’s situation as a child, he was cold in front of his mother because of his lack of love and aggressive way of dealing with Kevin. That day, Kevin went on a rampage because of the toilet training which in turn irritated and annoyed Eva, and amazingly threw the little boy against the wall and broke his arm. When Franklin came home and saw his son with a broken arm, his first instinct was to hug Eva. Even though Eva confessed in front of Franklin that it was her fault, Kevin manipulated her for her own good. The first time Kevin showed affection was when he read a Robin Hood story when he was sick.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained- Analysis Of The Rationale Behind The Psychopath, The Horrible Watch

Eva and three stages Kevin- baby, child, adult

Sometime later, the couple welcomed another child, which further lubricated Kevin’s mental instability. He gets jealous seeing his sister receive the love and affection he craved for all of his childhood. Another thing that is shown in the story is that Eva suffered from somewhat similar problems in her childhood. Eva too lost her childhood affection and had constant conflicts with those around her, although instead of solving the problem or asking someone for help given that she traveled many places throughout her career, Eva let her traumatic childhood be took the role of parenthood and she gave her child the same or even worse trauma.

However, the reason for the indifferent behavior between her two children is difficult to understand because she treated her youngest daughter with a lot of love, affection and warmth, and her daughter turned out to have a lively personality. Once she mentioned that she hates anything that isn’t perfect, and Kevin might be on the list. Little did she know that she was also on her list of people she hated and would pay back her ignorance in a different and gruesome way.

Once upon a time, mysteriously belonging to Celia, Kevin’s sister’s pet is missing, and Eva suspects Kevin, who is supported by her father, and Franklin continues to try to save Kevin’s image by making excuses when in fact, Kevin kills the pet with a bow and arrow. same. Franklin gave him a gift. Franklin also taught him archery. A fight between parents led to divorce, and Eva began to notice the unusual and psychopathic behavior of her son and lowly people to fear her.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained

To date, we have learned about the reasons behind Kevin’s problematic behavior. Things got worse due to negligence, chaotic parental guidance, lack of physical love and affection throughout his childhood, sibling jealousy, and competition putting a deep and lasting effect on him and pushing him into a dark place he could never be. he avoided. He went from being an aggressive child, with constant outbursts and tantrums into a mature sociopath.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained- Analysis Of The Rationale Behind The Psychopath, The Horrible Watch

Eva and Kevin, when she was little

The story then continues and shows the current scene where Kevin, now played by Ezra Miller, sits in prison, and Eva comes to visit him. This was actually the second year he was imprisoned, because he was a minor he was in the small prison and would soon be transferred to the adult prison. So what happened between the two? Why did Kevin do things like that that got him jailed? Well, the final answer is that Kevin is a psychopath, which is a serious antisocial personality disorder and mental health condition. These afflicted people were cold-hearted, unsympathetic, and did not follow the rules of society, and not to mention, his disturbing childhood and dirty mother further fueled his mental breakdown and turned him into a dangerous creature.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained- Analysis Of The Rationale Behind The Psychopath, The Horrible Watch

The protagonist of the film, We Need To Talk About Kevin, is a psychopath

Kevin was accused of mass murder when he was only sixteen years old. On his sixteenth birthday, Kevin locked up his schoolmates and teachers in their school gym and killed them all with his bow. And if you think that’s all, then you are totally wrong, Kevin executed the other two murders with his bow and arrow, and the two men turned out to be his own father, the one who taught him archery and his own sister. And sadly, it was not the end, and she proved herself even more inhuman and barbaric because she only saved her mother and gave her life-long suffering and loneliness from the sorrows of her husband, daughter, and son, because she knew she would end. in prison.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Ending Explained- Analysis Of The Rationale Behind The Psychopath, The Horrible Watch

Kevin kills many people including his father, sister, teacher, and schoolmates with his bow and arrow

When his mother visited him in prison, Kevin showed absolutely no sign of complaint, guilt, or remorse in his behavior after taking the lives of so many innocent souls. On the one hand, Eva is not widely liked by the audience because of her past behavior towards Kevin, but her emotions change drastically at the end of the film as people start to notice her pain too. She lost everything, she regrets giving birth to a monster that looks like a human, she herself was a victim of mental health at a young age, even though she was not ready to become a mother, but she left her writing career for her family, fighting. with his inner monster every day, and it was common that he would never be happy again due to his extreme loss.

Another thing that was surprising was her patience and forgiveness towards her son, even after killing so many people she still visited Kevin from time to time and also started conversations with him. One reason may be due to the maternal affection that grows for her out of the guilt of being a stupid mother.

This film is dark on the theme and emphasizes mental health, and also tries to prove the fact that there are some people like Kevin who live among us, grow up in ignorance and turn to monsters. The final scene of the film is important and memorable for the audience when Eva asks Kevin the real reason behind his brutal actions, Kevin replies, “I used to think I knew. Now I’m not really sure ”. The final line focuses on natural or nurturing theory, and the writer and filmmaker leave it up to the reader / audience to decide on an answer to the debate.

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