Watch these 10 Telugu movies to relive the glorious days of your college life

College days are the most amazing and exciting period in anyone’s life. No doubt all school students dream of experiencing campus life and after that period has passed, we all reminisce about those glorious days. On the one hand, when you have parents telling you that it is important to study, on the other hand, young minds do it themselves, only to realize the day before the exam date. From bunking classes to chatting with friends in the campus cafeteria, there is more to campus life than books. And that’s why our college days are also great cinema. There is a long list of Telugu films covering campus life – ups and downs, special moments.

Watch these 10 Telugu movies, reminisce about your college life by looking at your old photos, maybe call your friends and miss the days that will never come back.

#1. Fun days

Colleges and groups go together. Happy Days is a 2007 musical film written, directed and produced by Sekhar Kammula. It’s about eight young people in college who form an unbreakable friendship after going through various struggles. This film was a breakthrough for many budding actors like Nikhil Siddharth and was the recipient of numerous awards. The film won six Filmfare Awards and three Nandi Awards.

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#2. Kotha Bangaru Lokam

Kotha Bangaru Lokam, which means the new golden world, really describes the essence of the golden age in one’s life, the college period. This film is about two classmates who fall in love. Love becomes a blind man’s game, Balu who comes from a humble background falls in love with Swapna the daughter of a rich business tycoon. This production of Dil Raju received two Nandi Awards and five Filmfare Awards.

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#3. Pila Zamindar

What happens if a spoiled and spoiled child goes to college just to finish his education? Praveen (Nani) the grandson of a wealthy landlord sets out to complete his education. The main goal of completing his education was to inherit his grandfather’s wealth. Watch the film to learn the valuable lessons Praveen learned during his college days.

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#4. Kerintha

While every batch of college has a unique story to tell, Kerintha is an adult film that tells the story of 4 college students. Kerintha is a romantic comedy film directed by Sai Kiran Adivi. With the motivation to follow passion and create a path for themselves, this film depicts students from different backgrounds and provides the best of both worlds.

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#5. 100% Love

Ever had plans to become a college topper? 100% love will only push that desire deeper into you. Balu (Dragon Chaitanya) is the perfect man with an irreplaceable desire to be on top. Much to his dismay, Balu doesn’t realize that competition is in his own home. Balu and Mahalakshmi fell in love with each other but separated due to a clash of egos. Years later, when their grandmother falls ill, they are forced to confront each other.

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#6. Sontam

For a 2002 college experience, the romantic comedy Sontham is a must watch. In an era without phones and instant messages, expressing love has its problems. The plot revolves around two childhood friends who fall in love with each other unable to express it to each other. The film takes a twist when one of them gets engaged. Watch Sontham for the underlying tension.

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#7. Golconda High School

At Golconda High, a battle between two schools inspires and marks a cricket tournament. The Telugu film, starring Sumanth and Swati Reddy, is one of its kind and a pioneer in its genre. Golconda School is in danger of losing its playground because its administrators have different plans for it. With the only option being to win the match to defend the ground, this film delivers a thrilling plot. The film received the highest TRP rating when it premiered.

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#8. Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy is the story of a brilliant young medical student with anger management problems. While the film was highly regarded and hailed as a box office success, road breaker, and trendsetter, it had its fair share of controversy, with the Censor Board as well as audiences. This modest budget film was released worldwide. Portrayed by Vijay Deverakonda, Arjun Reddy is becoming one of the most popular characters among Telugu youth. The original Telugu film was also remade in Hindi as Kabir Singh. This is one of the most successful Telugu films and a film that every college student should watch once in a lifetime.

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#9. Kushi

Kushi is another chorded love story in the 2000s. This film takes home the hurdles of misjudgment and mistrust among friends. This film depicts the brotherly love that friends have for each other. This Telugu version of the romantic comedy starring Pawan Kalyan was a huge success at the box office. The film gets to the point when friends get together due to uncontrollable circumstances.

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#10. Kirrak Party

Kirrak Party is a 2018 campus romantic comedy and remake of the Kannada film Kirik Party. This Nikhil cast is the story of college students and their lives in college. A general narrative of a group of college friends is followed at the beginning. A series of events brings together an empathic climax to the story. Watch the film to see what changes have taken place.

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