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Marvel CEO Kevin Fiege once mentioned how WandaVision’s episodes will adapt the style of sitcoms from different decades. And how the episode duration fits into the sitcom. Now that we are approaching the premiere of the Season, the walls between fantasy and reality are thinning. In episode 8 of WandaVision, we finally got a good understanding of the truth. This is pretty much set in the final episode, as we find out that it was Agatha All Along who had manipulated Wanda’s reality. He is the one who causes discomfort along with the fake Pietro or ‘Fietro’ as said Agatha. This article will cover two endings in this week’s WandaVision: The Scarlet Witch and the White Sight.

Talking about the end, until now, nothing like MCUStereotypes have post-credits scenes, the first six episodes of WandaVision have no credits scenes. However, this changed last time because Episode 7 saw the first mid-credits scene of the series. This scene has Monica Rambeau investigating the cellar door. Just then, ‘Fietro’ appeared from behind him greeting him. Until now, we don’t know the dynamics of him with the other characters in this series.

Origin of Agatha

Agatha returned in 1693, Salem.

In Episode 8 titled ‘Previously On’, we didn’t get the recap like in the other 7 episodes, but we did start with a flashback of the origins of Agatha Harkness. It was 1693, when we were taken to the town of Salem in Massachusetts. There, a group of Magicians, of which Agatha was a part, proceeded to punish Agatha. He had broken the rules of the coven by seeking knowledge and studying dark and forbidden magic. When he was tied to a stake, he begged his mother, Evanora to take him off. He refused because the magicians were collectively trying to bring down Agatha. However, he is too strong for them, taking their strength and life with his mother’s bros. Agatha is seen wearing this brooch throughout the series.

This scene provides a brief history of Agatha Harkness as we realize how power-hungry she is. He witnessed the entire city being manipulated by Wanda, so that he realized that his strength was unmatched. Agatha panicked how she studied magic so deeply, but couldn’t reach the level of Wanda. So, she threatens Wanda by kidnapping her children to learn her secrets and possibly extract her magical powers as well.

If so, check back to the source, which is the comic book, Agatha did take the Salem Witch Trials. Later, when she tries to love a normal life, she befriends Wanda and becomes her mentor. This doesn’t seem to be the case as to what will happen next week, but it is still unknown.

Wanda’s Love for Television Sitcoms

WandaVision Episode 8 Ending Explained

The Maximoffs watch a sitcom.

Agatha wanted to know how Wanda managed to muster such a great power, so she guided Wanda down memory lane. All this time, Wanda has reluctantly had to go through her traumatic past. Starting with her life as a little girl in Sokovia, where she used to spend time with her family watching sitcoms to learn English. So far, we have seen how much Wanda loves sitcoms, in this case, The Dick Van Dyke Show. As the family witnessed this, a bomb was dropped, killing both parents. Then we were taken to his time at HYDRA, where he was a test subject and made contact with the Mind Stone. After this, we move on to the time between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, right after Pietro’s death. Wanda mourns her when Visi comes to comfort her. All this time, he had watched other sitcoms to calm his nerves.

Through all of this, one thing that we realized is how Wanda always loses the people closest to her. He lost his parents, Pietro and Vision while the only thing that has remained constant in his life is the Television Sitcom. That’s how she connected with family and Vision while also entertaining her during her trials at HYDRA. In the scene we see from his childhood, Wanda’s father tells him how crimes in sitcoms are usually harmless and end at the end of the episode. Just like that, maybe Wanda based her fantasy life on Westview in a sitcom way where there is no real pain and any issues are resolved at the end of the episode.

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The Rebranded Westview

Wanda unconsciously made Westview change its name.

Towards the end of this trip down memory lane, we witness how Hex appears. Wanda, who only a few weeks ago returned from the blip, was filled with grief as she headed to SWORD Headquarters to retrieve Vision’s body for burial. Here, Hayward tells him how they can’t give him the body but instead shows him his body being dismantled. Filled with grief, he is leaving when he finds documents in his car regarding the property he and Vision have in Westview.

He was driving to the property in Westview when he was saddened to see a place he could stay with Vision forever. Grief-stricken, Wanda released a tremendous amount of energy into building her home, changing the name Westview, and realizing her Vision from nothing. In this scene, it is quite clear that Wanda can actually create something only from his imagination. In addition, this proves how Hayward showed the manipulated Vision video being stolen while the one in WandaVision couldn’t even get out of Hex. This explains how Vision has no memories of his past and needs to be lectured by Darcy.

Scarlet Witch and Chaos Magic

WandaVision Episode 8 Ending Explained

Agatha explained to Wanda about her existence and Chaos Magic.

Throughout the MCU, Wanda’s strength was not well known until now. Every viewer knows that his comic book alter-ego is called Scarlet Witch, but not much is known about Chaos Magic. This episode of WandaVision gives us a pretty good idea as explained by Agatha. Apparently, Wanda should only be a myth, “a creature capable of spontaneous creation”. The magic that Wanda uses to create her world is called Chaos Magic, which is why Agatha calls her the Red Witch.

This is the first time the name Scarlet Witch has been used in the MCU. Whereas in comic books, it is quite well known. There, the magic was not really explained at first, but later explained as a type of magic that changed the structure of reality. This even relates to Wanda as a Nexus being, someone who remains constant in all reality. Even though, on the show, he happened to be creating his own reality.

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Cataract Project

WandaVision Episode 8 Ending Explained

SWORD cataract project.

The second ending to this episode comes from Director Hayward’s real-world mid-credits scene. Here, their preparations were complete as they finally made it to Project Cataract. The name of this project should be a great gift for us considering Cataracts are an eye condition that blocks vision. And here, SWORDERS have created their own weapon of the Soul, imperfect eyesight, White Sight.

Hayward finds out how Vision was created and re-enacts it by having Wanda use her magic on their equipment. After the incident surrounding the blip, Hayward and his team try to dismantle Vision to get him back. For this, they needed Wanda’s power again, so they used that used up on their equipment, thus giving life to Project Cataract aka White Vision.

White Sight at WandaVision

Imperfect vision, white vision.

Project Cataract Vision is one that isn’t perfect. It is a black slate, with no human emotions or memories, and therefore the perfect weapon for a SWORD Vision that was previously born without a “soul” as well, but it is hard to imagine how the SWORD could create this version. Unlike, True Vision, this one seems devoid of concepts like morality, humanity, and self-discovery. He is a living weapon, armed to be used at the behest of his master, in this case SWORD

The reason she is white is because the color Vision signifies her vitality. If one remembers, in WandaVision itself, when a walking dead Sight appeared before Wanda, it seemed that the contrast had disappeared. Just like that, it loses its pigment when the body runs out of blood. Therefore, this implies that the SWORD version of Vision is just a lifeless robot.

You can watch all episodes on WandaVision Disney +.

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