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Walker is a TV series that plays the reboot of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’. Cordell Walker, a widower, and father of two, returns to Austin after two years in disguise. With his own set of moral codes, he must try and reconnect with his family. Walker deals with his past when his son August finds photographs from his time in disguise. In the photo, Walker looks the happiest he’s ever had. So, August suspected that he would leave the family again.

Walker Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Walker Season 1 Episode 4 titled “Don’t Fence Me In” starts with Walker and Ramirez capturing Enzo, a member of an active gang in Texas named Olivados. Enzo was seriously injured by the local sheriff and then surrendered to them. Micki felt he had been used by his superiors to show a good face to catch a Latin suspect.

The Walkers begin moving into their farmhouse when August finds some old Walker mementos from his time in disguise. He saw a photo of his father wearing a baseball cap with a blonde haired woman. But then his father took the box when he found out that his parents’ marriage was not as stable as he believed. Meanwhile, Stella and Isabel work on a farm as part of their community service due to the destruction of marijuana. There he was noticed by a young farm close to him.

Micki and Walker investigate the mystery surrounding Enzo.

Walker and Micki continue their investigation to find out that the victim, the owner of the ranch, gave his land to Enzo. But since he is the prime suspect, the inheritance will probably belong to the victim’s wife. After seeing some of the sketches, Micki realized that Enzo was the breeder’s illegitimate son. So the Rangers confirmed this via DNA testing. After this, they gain access to security footage, in which they find out how the victim’s wife had a relationship with the sheriff who injured Enzo. Captain Larry James is unhappy with sheriffs committing such crimes, but this should be investigated further. Micki confronts the sheriff, who in turn tries to kill Micki. But he and Walker team up to catch him for Enzo’s murder. Now that Enzo is released, the estate will now belong to Delia.

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When Will Season 1 Episode 5 Be Released?

Walker Season 1 Episode 5 titled “Duke” will be released on the 18thth February 2021 at 8 p.m. ET. Make sure to change the above times to your local time zone to watch the episodes as soon as they air every Thursday. You can watch Walker on CW. Or you can even stream it Voot, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and DirecTV or buy episodes through Amazon Prime video. The show is even reported to be added to HBO Max after the entire release of Season 1, but no exact date yet.

Walker Season 1 Episode 5 Preview

Walker’s secret persona, Duke Culpepper.

Walker Season 1 Episode 5 titled “Duke” will see Walker’s past and present collide. In the previous episode, Walker’s son, August, finds out about his past in disguise of an identity called ‘Duke Culpepper’. In the past, Walker knew a woman Twyla, and this worries August because his father looks the happiest in the memorabilia photos. Which made him worry that his father would leave the family again. Walker then realized that his son was, in fact, texting him, which had a reply saying he was in town and wanted to see him.

In order not to endanger his family and blow up his disguise, Walker returned to making himself a Duke. Dan will go see Twyla at the motel. For someone who doesn’t know Walker, they may just feel that after his wife’s death, he tried to turn his back on his family. But that’s not the case because staying undercover carries its own risks. And August, not understanding the situation, only threatens to blow up Walker’s guise. It was understandable why she wanted answers from her father, but this was not the best situation. So there is a good chance that Micki will get him out of the way. And it seems like she is ready to trust her partner while she might as well be helped by her older brother, Liam.

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