Vizag Red FM 93.5 will host MUSICOM, a virtual concert for its listeners

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us all bored at home and some of us are stressed by the situation outside. Under such circumstances, how do we forget the bad things and calm our minds? Listening to music, right? Therefore, Superhits 93.5 Red FM, one of the leading radio stations in Vizag, organized a virtual concert called MUSICOM. This virtual concert is a mix of music and comedy. Through MUSICOM, RED FM wants to help its listeners cope with the stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. As we can R (relax) within the confines of your home, E (experience) superhit music and while practicing D (stay away). This concert will give netizens a unique virtual extravaganza just by staying at home.

Various musicians and comedians from the Telugu entertainment industry offer their time and talents for our enjoyment and enjoyment. Hyderabad’s acclaimed children’s band V4 will hit you with rocking music on June 5, 2021, from 5pm onwards, while Tollywood singer Bhargavi Pillai, who has sung in films such as Temper and Bengal Tiger, will cheer you on with his voice on June 12 2021, from 5pm onwards. To burst into laughter, RedFM features Jabardasth Rocket Raghava fame on June 6 from 5pm onwards and Tollywood comedian Dhanraj on June 13th from 5pm onwards.

Listeners from Vizag can tune in to Red FM 93.5 or log in to the Red FM Telugu digital platform to experience this unique virtual concert. The virtual concert will be held over the weekend on the official RedFMTelugu page at Facebook, Indonesia and Instagram. For regular updates on concerts, one can tune in to Superhits 93.5 Red FM.

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