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Be it in style, fashion, court, commentary, or make a big entrance, Netflix original series, Vincenzo definitely grabbing the public’s attention. This has been one of the highest rated dramas since its release in February. The ending part of every drama episode always makes the audience moved and nervous. In addition, the plot is getting more intense and better with each episode. Song Joong Ki must have succeeded in playing the role of a mafia member and also has a cute baby face. Nobody really knows how dangerous he is or could be or not both that he is a member of the mafia.

The actor Song Joong Ki is also one of the reasons for the high anticipation for the drama. He almost debuted on the small screen after almost a year and a half. His last appearance was in Arthdal ​​Chronicles 2019. Now, he is back at Vincenzo with his charming looks and acting. Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo also sets goals for fashion and grand entrances. Let’s find out all the details about what episode 6 and episode 7 have in store for everyone.

Vincenzo: Release Date

Vincenzo is a comedy romantic crime drama that premiered on Netflix as an original series. It also airs on tvN’s original network in South Korea at the same time as its premiere on Netflix. Interestingly, this series is taking over the time slot previously occupied from another hit series, Mr Queen. Vincenzo has been released on February 20, 2021, and will run until April 26, 2021. The series will have twenty episodes, unlike other Kdrama. Vincenzo is one of the original creations because it is not based on a webtoon, anime, novel, or any other source. The series airs on Saturdays and Sundays every week at 9pm


Vincenzo Cassano

Vincenzo Episode 6: Recap

In Episode 6, Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young come to the court in a high-brand car which turns everyone’s attention to them. The residents of the Geumga-dong Apartment Complex have also shown good deeds in showing off the atrocities of the Babylon Group. Gradually, everyone entered the courtroom. An interesting sight is the appearance of the courtroom from which water is leaking from everywhere. However, everyone had to deal with the courtroom because all the other rooms were full.

The judge fell while entering the room which was a funny sight to behold. The court session began with Myung Hee speaking on behalf of Babylon and giving the opening statement. But, Cha Young’s condition doesn’t seem like it doesn’t even conflict with Myung Hee. He got up but struggled to speak or say anything. He sought permission from the judge for taking the panic pill when he said that he had been suffering from panic disorder recently. But, he fell and was unconscious.

The courtroom became chaotic with an ambulance. Later, we learned that Cha Young and Vincenzo made all kinds of plans to postpone the trial. However, the plan was unsuccessful as the judge stated that the case would be resumed after a hiatus due to the gravity of the case. Cha Young immediately got up after hearing the same thing and continued the case. Suddenly, the court’s power goes out. Cha Young said that it’s impossible to record anything without electricity so they have to postpone the date.

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However, the judge insisted on continuing the case. As a last resort, the tenants of the square released several bees inside the courtroom. As a result, the entire courtroom becomes chaotic with everyone running around. Vincenzo and Cha Young manage to postpone the trial because the bee also stung the judge. Furthermore, Myung Hee and Cha Young also faced each other outside the courtroom. In the end, the law firm attorney Woosang became angry and shocked. They went to check Vincenzo’s background but found nothing.

The last part of this episode follows Vincenzo who is about to meet his mother in prison. Vincenzo also finds the wiretap left by Myung hee at the Jipuragi Law firm. Jang Jun-Woo was also revealed to be the real chairman of the Babylon Group in front of Han Seung-Hyeok and Choi Myung-Hee. In the episode, the witnesses who fought Babylon Group were charged with fake cases. Episode six ends with Cha Young calling a surprise witness who is none other than Vincenzo Cassano.

Vincenzo Release Date Episode 7

Vicenzo Episode 7 will be released on March 13, 2021, on Saturday. Episode 7 will discuss how Vincenzo appears as a surprise witness. It will also show how he actually became a surprise witness to the case. There will be a lot of planning and plot in the coming episodes because Jang Jun-Woo got really mad at Myung-Hee and Seung-Hook. He told them to use their creativity like Vincenzo did. Apart from that, Vincenzo also said that he will make everyone pay for what they did in the preview.

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