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Vincenzo, the new Korean Drama, seems to have earned the right place in the audience. With the right level of action and intrigue, the show has been doing well since it premiered on February 20, 2021. Beforehand, we saw how the complex would be dismantled. So, Vincenzo came to start a music festival to crowd the place. This stops unloading for a while. Now, we return to the party where Cha-young wants to know more about Vincenzo’s intentions. He asked about her desperation to stop the demolition. However, Vincenzo claims that he is in love with the place. Cha-young, as it should be, is skeptical of this claim.

Cha-young then runs into Choi Myung-hee about the failed demolition attempt. The two women clash over their two identities. Meanwhile, the tenants celebrate their victory in stopping demolition, but they know it’s not over yet.

What to Expect in Vincenzo Episode 4?


Vincenzo Episode 3 Recap

Vincenzo meets Hong Yu-Chan about a new narcotic painkiller developed by the Babel Group. Hong Yu-Cha wants to stop this, while the chef apprentice seems to be spying on Vincenzo. Yu-Chan finds out some inside information about drugs from the reporter, Yu-Min Chul. However, because he refused to testify in court, Yu-Chan hit a dead end. Later, Yu-chan and Vincenzo met Oh Gyeong-ja at the hospital. She was Yu-Chan’s client and as we later found out, she is also Vincenzo’s mother. Vincenzo leaves and threatens Na Deak-Jin to stop the demolition, so he calls Park Seok-do to do it.

Even after their previous bickering, Cha-Young went out for drinks with Choi Myung-Hee. Here, when asked about the broadcast, Cha-Young disguised herself as Choi Myung-Hee. This expanded their clash from before. Cha-Young goes to Vincenzo to ask him not to fill his father’s head with nonsense. During their conversation, we get flashbacks of Vincenzo’s past. The next scene shows an unplanned explosion at a villa that has Babylonian employees in it. Seeing this, Yu-Chan became angry and seemed to be doing some reckless things. Elsewhere, Cha-Young is kicked out of all the cases involving Babylon Group so, she heads to her father’s office to vent. Here, he said some regrettable things to Yu-Chan.

Hong Yu-chan

Moments later, the informant, Yu-Min Chul ran away from the police. He tries to race Yu-Chan but may be killed by the police. Vincenzo is there when the call for Yu-chan comes in, but he doesn’t answer it. As Yu-chan returns to the office, Vincenzo tries to find out what happened to him while also notifying him of the incoming call. Just as Yu-chan tries to call back, a truck comes flying through the window, hitting Yu straight away. -chan.

When is Episode 4 Released?

Vincenzo Episode 4 will be released on February 28, 2021. Episodes air at 9 p.m. KST every Saturday and Sunday. The timing tends to vary, but so far nothing has changed. Make sure to change the above times to your local time zone to watch the episodes as they air. You can watch all the episodes by Vincenzo as they air on tvN at the times mentioned above. Or you can stream later when it’s available to watch Netflix at 11 o’clock in the evening.

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Vincenzo Episode 4 Preview

What to Expect in Vincenzo Episode 4?

Hong Cha-Young, Yu-Chan’s daughter.

Vincenzo Episode 4 will follow directly from the end of the final episode where a truck comes flying through the office window, apparently killing Hong Yu-Ch. Panic and sadness filled Vincenzo as he tried to make sense of the situation. No one knows what happened to Hong Yu-Chan who was pushed to stop Babel Pharmaceuticals. But whoever he was after would have wanted him to stop and therefore be sent to that truck.

Vincenzo himself had tried to warn Yu-Chan to drop the Babylon Pharmacy case, but he refused, feeling responsible for the crimes the company had committed. It will be interesting to see how Vincenzo will deal with this given that he is getting close to Yu-Chan. Moreover, Yu-Chan even knew Vincenzo’s mother. In this episode, we will see Vincenzo tracking the man who ordered this attack on him.

Meanwhile, Hong Cha-Young after repeatedly arguing with Choi Myung-Hee decided to leave Wusang Law Firm. Now, we will see how he reacts to the attacks on his father. And what action will he take against his law firm, which works for the Babel Group?

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