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At the age of eight, Park Joo-Hyung was adopted by the Mafia Don Fabio family, after which he left for Italy. When he grew up, his name was changed to Vincenzo Cassano who became a mafia partner. Later, when Fabio died, his son and a new mafia leader tried to kill him. So, Vincenzo fled back to Seoul, South Korea. There, he helps a tycoon hide his gold in the Geumga-dong Apartment Complex. Now that he has died, Vincenzo intends to steal the gold to get his own revenge. Unfortunately, the real estate company took ownership illegally. And now Vincenzo must use his skills to reclaim the complex as well as win gold. During his search, he gets involved with a lawyer, Hong Cha-young who is the type of lawyer who can take risks to do anything to win a case.

Vincenzo Episode 2 Recap

Tenants in the complex.

Vincenzo Episode 2 begins with Park Seok-do asking his men to kill Vincenzo. Fortunately, the police arrived at the scene and alerted him if any reporters entered. Vincenzo and Yu-chan have to work together but Cha-Young is on the sidelines to try and persuade the two. This was because he had a hunch that Vincenzo actually had some ulterior motive. And something is sure to be hidden in the building. Later, Vincenzo visits Cho, who is at the hospital. He reveals how the vault in the building has traps. So, whoever tries to steal it will be trapped in it. Vincenzo didn’t want any casualties, so he tried to get the people out of the temple. He went to Yu-Chan to get documents about Babylon and reveal his plans. Hong Yu-chan admits seeing how having Vincenzo by his side seems to be advantageous.

Cha-Young goes straight to the Chairman of Babylon, Jang, and asks him to leave the case. Then, because he was frustrated with Vincenzo and Yu-Chan, he followed Vincenzo and ate with him. They have an argument with each other where Cha-Young asks him to return to Italy to take care of his business. Vincenzo and Yu-chan go to Babylon’s office to try to meet Na Deok-jin. There he threatens the receptionist to enter. While he did, he asked Na Deok-jin to cancel the contract in which he showed his gangster side. After this, Vincenzo and Yu-chan had a drink with each other where they looked like real friends. Elsewhere, Prosecutor Choi Myung-hee submitted his resignation. After that he joined Cha-Young’s firm Wusand as a Senior Lawyer.

Preview and Recap: Vincenzo Episode 3

Cha-Young and Vincenzo.

Music Festival

Cha-Young finds out that the building demolition time is 11pm so they have to evacuate the tenants. So, Vincenzo warned them where his Instagram usage looks bad to them. But, when the demolition team tried to enter, there was a festival going on there, which meant the team couldn’t enter. Then we get a flashback of how Vincenzo actually promoted a trending party on Instagram. She and Cha-Young look at each other as she raises her wine glass at him.

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When is Episode 3 Released?

Vincenzo Episode 3 will be released on February 27, 2021. Episodes air at 9 p.m. KST every Saturday and Sunday. The timing tends to vary but as of now, no changes have been announced. Make sure to change the above times to your local time zone to watch the episodes as they air. You can watch all the episodes by Vincenzo as they air on tvN or you can stream them later on Netflix.

Vincenzo Episode 3 Preview


Vincenzo Episode 3 is definitely something to look forward to. Upon arrival, Vincenzo has made his mark and impressed the tenants. He had to keep it cute, because they still seem to suspect Vincenzo’s background. To them, he was a skinny lawyer from Italy in a suit. Hong Yu-chan seems to have lowered his guard against Vincenzo, who is expected to go too far too far in the upcoming episode. This action is bound to have consequences. We will have to wait to see if the destruction will still be carried out. But, nevertheless, it felt very unavoidable at this moment. Meanwhile, Cha-young is quite conflicted and feels that something is fishy about this situation. But, with the increased interaction with Vincenzo, he may join the struggle against conglomerate Babylon. Meanwhile, Prosecutor Choi Myung-hee will probably try to perfect his own agenda.

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