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The Vikings have done a wonderful job setting up the story since we finally reached the climax. All of Ubbe’s challenges, pain and suffering ended when they finally reached the Land of Gold. Ivar returned to England when he started fighting the Saxons. And finally we saw Alfred as he returned to the screen. Interesting to note are some of the events in the fifth season of Vikings, when Ivar took Kattegat, he made Bjorn, Lagertha, and Ubbe run. When they fled to England, they made a deal with Alfred to stay while they would help him defend Wessex. Then when Harald arrived with his army, Bjorn helped the army to win the battle. During this time, Ubbe became very close to Alfred while Bjorn never really complied with the agreement because he was just trying to survive.

With this help, Alfred managed to win this battle and prove himself victorious. But he still fell ill frequently which made many nobles feel very anxious about him becoming king. They tried to plot against him with his brother, Aethelred. Because they feel he is a more reliable heir and will think about their interests. Judith, who is the mother of both, Alfred and Aethelred decided to kill her own son, Aethelred. He did this by poisoning him to ensure that Alfred did not face any challenge to the throne. This was a truly cruel act considering it was his own son. But he was successful because he helped in consolidating power and power to Alfred. Then we saw Judith herself dying of cancer, which was the last time we followed up with the UK.

King Alfred

King Alfred found out about the Viking invaders.

As we follow back with Britain, we can see how the memory of the looming invasion still remains in people’s minds. However, it seems that Wessex is in a time of peace like Kattegat, as Alfred is seen relaxing with his master on a picnic. It was then that the news about the Vikings was discovered, reached him. Viking reminds us how Alfred had a different perspective in assessing problems because he always tried to make peace. This decision is often the most logical, but it can make it seen in a bad light. But unlike the envoy, commander, and his wife who were shocked by the news, Alfred faced problems calmly and rationally. He was a very pious ruler but his faith and beliefs were too insignificant. And the Vikings do a great job of portraying Alfred’s mind as he plans to counter incoming attacks.

Golden Land

TV Show Review: Vikings Season 6 Episode 17

Ubbe apologizes to Othere for doubting him.

Things get really desperate on the boat because everyone looks like a lifeless corpse. Ubbe began to squeeze water from the ropes on the ship just to get a few drops of water for her son. This situation is in stark contrast to the idea of ​​the Vikings seeking settlement in distant parts of the world. So when Ubbe was without thinking, he finally saw something from a distance and called Torvi. After all the suffering they had endured, they finally arrived at the Golden Land. Othere’s promise finally came true as the crew couldn’t express their emotions. During the trip, Ubbe and Othere glared at each other, causing tension. But the joy of finding the land overcomes the enmity. The scene is shown with an island view as the passengers head for their new journey.

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Leverage Ragnar Lothbrok

TV Show Review: Vikings Season 6 Episode 17

Ivar strategizes against King Alfred and Saxon.

When Ivar and Harald’s troops arrive in England, they plan to overthrow Wessex. Strategist Ivar proposes a plan that is woven from his so-called experience with Ragnar. Throughout the Vikings, there are several instances where Ivar continues to refer to Ragnar for influence and influence. He mentioned how Ragnar once suggested a strategy before his death but no such scene happened on screen. These events may take place off-screen but could also be part of Ivar’s manipulation to gain influence within the army. The next scene shows Ivar not secretly implying to Hvitserk how Harald’s days are numbered. We can say with certainty that Ivar plotted an aggression against Harald in order to make himself a center among the Vikings. He may be trying to make himself appear useful and competent because most people continue to underestimate his true ambitions.

Vikings vs Saxons

So when Ivar and Hvitserk came out to get information about Alfred’s whereabouts, they moved separately. Ivar’s troops were in serious combat as they had been ambushed by a trap followed by the Saxon soldiers who had stormed in. The Saxon commanders kept chanting orders to target Ivar specifically as the fighting became so brutal. Ivar was very close to the action because he had to cut down several of the men himself. And it looks like the Saxons will succeed in their ambush. When we cut the cross between Alfred prayed to imply that he had a very direct role in arranging this ambush. It is very likely that the aim was to kill Ragnar’s son. This will lower the morale of the troops because losing a famous name can disperse the army. Because of that, it could be that Alfred’s motive was to avoid fighting altogether.

The Vikings sat looking for the Saxons.

This plan didn’t work because Hvitserk came swinging his ax to finish off the enemy left and right. This is quite a change considering how in the last episode she cried self-pity. Several movements among the brothers made Ivar appear to be deliberately targeting himself as a vulnerable. So that later Hvitserk could come to ambush Saxon. So with the first obstacle in his way, Ivar began torturing the villagers who burned their houses. This could force Alfred to face him where he chooses as Harald’s troops wait over the hills for any moment indicating the Saxon movement. They plan to continue the pressure by torturing civilians while they sit on the scene waiting for an opportunity. The same could be said for Ivar as he waited for his chance to defeat Harald.

Ingrid’s magic

TV Show Review: Vikings Season 6 Episode 17

Ingrid pretended to obey Eric’s invitation.

Harald was well aware that both Ingrid and Eric didn’t like him. Both of them only saw it as a source of strength and influence. So, since Harald was leaving for England, he decided to enjoy the possibility of his last days. He confuses the two by appointing them as co-rulers because a fight will inevitably break out between them. After he leaves, Eric tries to take Ingrid as his wife who calls herself the Kingmaker. Ingrid shows a submissive attitude, but this is followed by some really disturbing scenes. In some form of her magic involving plants and blood, Ingrid places a spell on Eric to blind him. Now that he is blind, Eric is not fit to rule which makes Ingrid the sole ruler of Kattegat.


Episode 17 of Vikings is a lot of fun because it’s filled with action and adventure. The story progressed well to England and we brought Alfred back to the show. Further developments in this story are highly anticipated as we will follow up with Ubbe and Ivar. Another highlight for the episode was when Harald explained Floki’s history to Eric and Ingrid. This scene makes us realize how the golden age of Vikings has faded away as new generations are oblivious to the great past. Harald, who is a new face, looks like an ancient character in the series. And we can only hope that mentioning Floki means there are developments in the Ubbe storyline. Because things seem inconclusive the last time we saw Floki buried in that mountain. And now that we have reached the end of the Vikings, we will see the end of this phenomenal series.

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