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Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5 wants to reveal the inner secret about Matthew Walsh. Also, Ram Sidhu will be disgusted by the number of troubles on his hands. The ITV crime drama Unforgotten only consisted of two episodes before ending its fourth season now. The cold crime drama centered on the Chris Lang case has had success since its debut in October 2015. Although there are new cases every season that are similar to American crime procedures. Especially where each episode focuses on a new case that ends up folding. ITV’s Unforgotten also includes many character arcs. Especially with the character development of Cassie Stuart.

Unforgotten follows DCI’s top London detectives Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan. They are known to take the cold case of a city that was originally closed or was rediscovered while walking. Every season there are new cases that challenge detectives. As they finish to the end, the detectives also tackle their private life by trying to separate it from the professional life. So, here we take a look at what to expect from the fifth episode of Unforgotten Season 4. Before that, let’s have a quick recap of everything that happened in the previous episode so far.

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Previously On Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 4

The cold case of the Matthew Walsh murder continues. His body was found headless and without arms in a London landfill which is quite scary. Plus it will make you think what a sadistic killer looks like. However, the last episode saw Liz (Susan Lynch) meet Fiona (Liz White) in secret. Both are suspects. Plus, Cassis has interrogated both of them. They met in the garden. Liz convinces Fiona to tell the truth to the police. It’s the same thing he said. Fiona was afraid the police would connect the dots closely, but Liz didn’t. He kissed Fiona on the cheek excitedly and left.

Preview: Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5

Still From Unforgotten Season 4 (Credit: ITV)

Cassie and Sunny decide to visit police training officers for clues about the suspects’ personalities. The suspects say they don’t remember anything since that night. However, police training officers have a lot to say. He revealed the suspect owned the gang during his training days. Also, he was sure that Ram would be at the top or maybe he would go to jail. Apart from him, there was nothing else that looked like they would break the law one day.

Meanwhile, Ram meets Dean. He stated as long as they told the truth they were safe. Looks like Dean and Ram had their previous business too. On the other hand, DS Murray Boulting got some insight into the investigation. Walsh gets into a fight at the Ifield Pub in Hendon. Walsh has misused a racial reference to an Asian who could possibly be called Ram. He found it was between Walsh who sexually abused a woman who was undergoing probation.

Preview: Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5

Still From Unforgotten Season 4 (Credit: ITV)

Walsh’s brother, Clive, is found. He is now a witness for all five suspects. Sunny asks Ram about her story and her relationship with Dean and Liz which she finally denies. Cassie then asked him because he had a fight in the pub. Ram asks for concrete proof which postpones interrogation.

The episode concludes with a further dig into Liz and Fiona’s past. They lived together at the same address in 1991. Also, Fiona’s criminal sentence was for dangerous driving. He was arrested for killing a child. Balcombe’s X-ray of Walsh found a sharp object inside his skull. He could have bumped his head or fell or ended up being stabbed when he was unconscious.

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Release Date and Preview for Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5

ITV’s Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5 will be released 22 March 2021. It will be released on ITV at 9pm (London Time). The episodes will be available to stream on ITV Hub. The past Unforgotten season is available at Netflix United Kingdom and Amazon Prime. For international fans, Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5 will be available to stream on VOD services such as Amazon, Microsoft Store, Youtube TV, and Apple TV.

Preview: Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5

Still From Unforgotten Season 4 (Credit: ITV)

Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 5 will see this case come to an end. The weapon was also revealed. Ram on the other hand might have cleverly escaped the interview. There were more nods toward him than any other suspect. Also, Ram is reluctant because he assures his wife that he has nothing to do with the murder. Apart from Ram, there are others too. Now that Walsh’s brother who knows all the suspects is also in the photo, it’s only a matter of time before we find the killer. All in the fifth episode of Unforgotten Season 4.

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