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Well, lately, we’ve all seen that crime dramas have become a thing of the crowd apart from comedy and romance. One of the shows that excels in this genre is the British drama Unforgotten. For the first time ever, the show was released on October 8, 2015 on ITV. Andy Wilson has directed the series while Chris Lang is making it. Each episode of the show presents a new series of mysteries that need to be solved while our team tries to solve them. To date, we have had three seasons of the show with the fourth being broadcast. It was originally scheduled to start in the fall of 2019 but clearly, the plans are not going according to schedule. With all the delays caused by the pandemic as well as the lockdowns created by it, the show finally canceled its fourth season in February 2021. Since season one, we’ve been seeing various mysteries.

At first, the plot focused on the murder of James Sullivan. He is a student studying in middle school and is 17 years old. He disappeared in 1976 but at this time, his remains were found while a house was being demolished in North London. As for the plot of the second installment, we see that the team is focused on the David Walker murder case. This man went missing in 19o0 and used to be the Consultant of the Conservative Party. The remains of his body were found in the Lea River in a suitcase located in Northeast London. As for the show’s third installment, we see a new murder mystery revolving around Hayley Reid. This girl disappeared in 1999 on New Year’s Eve from a seaside resort town. All that remains of him today is his skeleton found by the workers repairing the M1 highway center reservation in London.

Unforgettable season 4 cast

The series, up to now with its third full season and fourth season running, was quite popular with viewers. The reason behind this fact is that the story is so compelling that people are hooked the moment they start. The next reason is that the cast is very talented and brings the character to life. The list includes Nica Walker reprising the role of DCI Cassandra Stuart. Then there is Sanjeev Bhaskar who plays the DI character Sunil Khan. Jordan Long plays DS Murray Boulting. Lewis Reeves reprises the role of DC Jake Collier. Pippa Nixon plays the DC character Karen Willetts. Peter Egan plays Martin Hughes. He is the father of DCI Stuart. Jassa Ahluwalia returns as Adam Stuart, son of DCI Stuart. Carolina Main plays the character of DC Fran Lingley. And finally, there is Georgie Mckenzie who plays Dr. Leanne Balcombe.

Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date

The upcoming Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 3 release date is scheduled for March 8, 2021. In this episode, we will see a continuation of the story from where the second episode ends. Well, previously we have seen that DS Khan, as well as DC Fran Lingley, are set on another murder case and this is quite strange. So they went on to find a body that didn’t have as good a hand as the front. This body was found in a freezer located in a garbage heap. On the other hand, we watched as Cassie was tense.

All he wants to do is retire from his job but is forced not to because his pension plan is now being scrapped. Returning to the murder case, DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Khan find potential suspects who may be involved in the murder. Two of these people were police officers while the other two left the job after two years. No more evidence has crossed their path until now and thus, the team decided to make their case public. They are airborne and ask people to help them find other parts of the body.

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