Top 10 rated Telugu films on the OTT platform in recent years

Telugu cinema has been the powerhouse of several classic films. Tollywood has always been a source of inspiration for Bollywood films. Most of the original Telugu remakes have become Bollywood classics. The various types of stories and new scripts presented to audiences have been widely celebrated, both by critics and by Telugu-speaking viewers. With the inception of the OTT platform, language did not appear to be a barrier. This has opened the door for viewers to witness the original, previously unheard of film. Projects that present soulful and realistic stories are now a new niche. And these top-rated Telugu films are now getting the recognition they deserve on the OTT platform.

In this article, Yo! Vizag lists the 10 Telugu films with the highest IMDb ratings, which have been released in recent years. We start chronologically from the highest first.

# 1 Kancharapalem Care

IMDb Rating – 9

Located in the Vizag district of Kancharapalem, an independent Telugu film premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival. The 2018 film directed by Venkatesh Maha won several awards at international film festivals. The soulful story revolves around three love stories, featuring couples from different generations. The film’s climax presents the true beauty of the story.

Where to Watch – Netflix, Jio Cinema

# 2 Jersey

IMDb Rating- 8.6

Jersey is a 2019 Telugu film starring Nani. The natural aura that the film uses to tell the story resonates with the plight of ordinary people. What makes the story more interesting, is the fact that it says “success is not for all.” No matter how hard you work, how talented you are, in the long run, you have to come to terms with your destiny. This beautiful depiction of the father-son relationship is something to look forward to.

Where to Watch – Disney + Hotstar, Zee5

# 3 Be careful

IMDb Rating- 8.5

Mahanati is a biographical drama film based on the life of Savitri, played by Keerthi Suresh. Written and directed by Nag Aswin, the film stars an ensemble cast including Vijay Devarakonda, Samantha Akkineni, Prakash Raj, and Dulquer Salmaan. Keerthi Suresh even won the National Film Award in 2018, for his performance in the film. It tells Savitri’s story from a third person perspective. Mahanati was screened at the India International Film Festival, the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Video

# 4 Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

IMDb Rating- 8.5

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is a witty fictional tale inspired by real events. This film marked the debut of Naveen Polishetty, who even co-wrote the film. Prior to its release in India, the film premiered in America, where it received rapturous applause from the audience at the end. The hilarious comedy thriller 2019, comes with a terrible storyline. Being one of the top rated Telugu films on the OTT platform, this is a must watch.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Video

# 5 Mathu Vadalara

IMDb Rating – 8.3

Mathu Vadalra is one of its kind. It deals with the taboo subject of medicine. A delivery person visits his customers, as usual, but fate has something else for him. Drama-comedy / thriller filled with action and color. The climax of the film presents a fresh, mind-bending sequence. Mathu Vadalra is a 2019 film that also marks the directorial debut of Ritesh Rana.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Video

# 6 Bandi Cinema

IMDb Rating- 8.1

Produced by Raj and DK 2021, the independent Telugu film is definitely a masterpiece. Directed by Praveen Kandregula, this film presents an honest story about the dream of filmmaking. A dream that every movie lover dreams of. But only hard work and dedication will get you there. One of the top rated Telugu films on the OTT platform in 2021, Cinema Bandi is one film you shouldn’t miss.

Where to Watch – Netflix

# 7 Brochevarevarura

IMDb Rating- 8.0

Brochevarevarura is a 2019 rom-com as well as a thriller. Starring Sree Wisnu, Nivetha Thomas, Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi Pullikonda in the main characters. This film is a hysterical and entertaining journey. The film’s dialogue makes it an integral part of the cult classic in pop culture. Writer-director Vivek Athreya sets up a brilliant plot for two different stories intertwined in a climax, only for the greater good.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Video

# 8 Vakeel Saab

IMDb Rating- 7.9

The 2021 film marks the return of Power Star Pawan Kalyan, to the big screen. Vakeel Saab is the official Telugu remake of Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu 2016 starring Pink. Vakeel Saab also stars Nivetha Thomas and Shruthi Hassan in the lead roles. The subject on which the plot of the film is based, makes it a must-see for everyone. Even though it is a remake, Vakeel Saab presents a new story.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Video

# 9 Letters

IMDb Rating 7.7

Priyadarshi Pullikonda, starring Mail, is a 2021 film set in a rural setting. The story revolves around a student, average in his studies, but has a passion for learning to operate computers. His dreams may seem small, because he lives in a country with advanced technology. But the village where he lives is not even aware of the computer. Harshit Malgireddy, the main character, played an honest and outstanding performance in the film.

Where to Watch – Aha

# 10 Jathi Ratnalu

IMDb Rating- 7.6

The praise seems endless for the 2021 blockbuster, Jathi Ratnalu. This film stars the amazing journey of Naveen Polishetty, Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi Pullikonda. Made with comedic intentions, never deviating from the theme. Jathi Ratnalu is indeed one of the Ratnalu in the comedy genre. The cult classic is a 2 hour journey of laughter, which may not be completed.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Video


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