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Tenet could be one of the most confusing Christopher Nolan films ever made to date. There were debate days when this film was released. The reason is, after watching the film, everyone finds messages that are different from the story, some even don’t understand the story. Even extreme movie buffs who break movies in seconds need to watch it more than twice to understand what Nolan is buying for his die-hard fans. Today we are going to take a look at Top 10 Facts about Tenet. It’s really hard to destroy this Christopher Nolan film.

1. High Level of Confidentiality

Fans always want to know details about everything that will happen in the future. Even though they knew it would kill the hype surrounding the film, they would still try everything they could to leak information about their favorite upcoming film. This effort always increased to the maximum when his films by Nolan.

When the level of effort by others is also high, so must the security be utmost. That’s what the crew did with the Tenet film. During the film’s production, the public knew nothing about the film, except for the fact that there will be a new film directed by Christopher Nolan. Interestingly, many didn’t even know what the film was about even after the first trailer was released.

Even the cast didn’t know much about the film. Apart from the main cast Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, none of the cast knows the script about the film. They even read the script in a locked room that was secured inside Warner Bros. Studios. Other important actors like Sir Michael Caine are only given the opportunity to read part of the script, you can imagine how strict it is to keep the script confidential until the film is released.

2. Tenet is Palindrome

Have you ever noticed the name of the film? Ten from the front and ten from the back. Where the last letter “n” is in the middle. This is a big clue about the film. If you have never watched the film, this point might be a little leak for you.

This film is the Palindrome. So what does the Palindrome mean? That is, the edges are at the same point when we see them from the front or from behind. Yes! This is a Christopher Nolan film! This director is famous for the extraordinary experiments he carried out from his first film.

3. The cast auditions using scenes from other films

As we said before, this film was made in strict secret from the very beginning. So what did they do to recruit film actors? Well, those who auditioned, were asked to audition with other scenes from other sci-fi films. Yuri Kolokolnikov, who played Volkov, read the lines from the movie “Matrix”. And he succeeded in it. After this, he flew to Los Angeles to meet Nolan.

A similar case also happened to Fiona Dourif. He auditioned using the HBO scene Westworld. An interesting fact is that this film was directed by Nolan’s older brother, Jonathan Nolan. In case you didn’t know either that the Matrix movie is one of Christopher Nolan’s favorites. His references can be seen in many of his works too.

4. This film is the result of 20 years of hard work

Director Christopher Nolan didn’t appear suddenly. In fact, this is an idea he’s been working on for almost 20 years. Yes, this film is the result of all the homework done by Christopher Nolan over the past 20 years. And many were frustrated that they couldn’t understand the film on their own first look! This film, as we’ve already said, is the result of all 20 years of homework, so it wouldn’t hurt if we spent more time understanding what the film was all about.

5. At some point, the Actor really has to act backwards!

As said before, this film moves forward and backward simultaneously. Because this film discusses the term ‘inversion’, certain events in this film are indeed brought back. Yes, even actors are asked to convey their lines in reverse when asked.

Facts About Tenet

One example is when Kenneth Branagh was asked to convey his dialogue in reverse. What’s more is the fact that sentences must be conveyed in a Russian accent. Well, making something like tenet does require a lot of hard work.

6. Zero CGI for Stunts

Despite major improvements in technology and CGI, Director Christopher Nolan still relies on its practical effects. Although this new technology and CGI are helping film studios to reduce costs a lot and it is even a faster method of getting the desired effect.

Not only for Tenet, but most of Nolan’s films also rely on practical effects rather than relying on new age methods. Yes, he is one of the very few players in the industry who still doesn’t like to use green vegetables and wants everything to be real. Nolan will only take CGI assistance and all if necessary.

7. No Bond film for Nolan!

So here are facts about Christopher Nolan, which most people probably don’t know. Christopher Nolan is a a big fan of James Bond. However, he had to stop watching bond films while he was still in the production period of Tenet. This is because James Bond and Tenet films have an element of investigation and all. And Nolan didn’t want her love for James Bond to affect the scene she wanted.

Another minor fact is that Tenet is the longest period Christopher Nolan hasn’t seen a Bond film! All because, Nolan only wanted his imagination to be poured into films, not inspired by Bond films. This is how committed Nolan is to his job. He wanted his work to be as natural as possible.

8. A new colleague

This film has several new crew members for Christopher Nolan. This was because Hanz Zimmer and Lee Smith were unable to join the crew. Hans Zimmer has worked with Nolan for some time, even since Prestige. Instead of Hans Zimmer, Ludwig Göransson do this filmmaking job.

And instead of Lee Smith, Jennifer Lame took her place at Tenet. Lee has worked with Christopher Nolan since “Batman Begins”. But those who came in exchange gave excellent work.

9. Nolan, the Reality Lover!

This film has some really cool shots to show the audience. One of them is the scene of the plane crashing into Freeport, according to Neil’s plan. This sight is so incredible that we never thought CGI was this great because it really isn’t. As we said before, most of the shots on Nolan’s films were made physically.

Yes, they literally crashed the plane for this shot! Well, the only thing we can say is that it’s awesome! At first, it was decided to use a miniature, but then using a real plane to crash into a real building is much cheaper than using a miniature. So they used an old plane for this show, which actually crashed into the building.

10. Nolan wants Kat to be played by Elizabeth Debicki

In the film, the character Kat who is also the female lead in this film is played by Elizabeth Debicki. The role was almost perfect for her, as if it was written after her. Now, if you think that way, it’s actually true!

Nolan herself offered this role to Elizabeth because she was impressed by her performance in Widows. He asked her to audition for the role because he wanted to make herself believe that she got the role. But when she heard Emma Thomas’ words, Elizabeth had the confidence that she had been chosen and chosen because she had the ability to perform.

What do you think of our top picks for facts about Tenet? We haven’t earned any points according to their ranking. All facts in this list are added randomly. If you think we should name another pint, please mention it.

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