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Sosuke Aizen is the main antagonist of Bleach. According to many people Aizen is the smartest anime character, but they are wrong, in this list, we will look at a character who is smarter than Aizen. The series is based on the manga by Tite Kubo. Bleach is about the soul and the Soul Reaper, just like Aizen. This Soul Reaper transports lost souls to Soul Society, the Bleach version of Heaven. They also deal with broken souls, also called Hollows. At first, the challenge for Soul Reapers seems very simple because these Hollows don’t seem very smart or strong. But as the series progressed, we saw different classes and types of Hollows with greater levels of power.

To make matters worse for Ichigo, the protagonist, Aizen betrays Soul Society and defects to Hueco Mundo, the home of Hollows. He stole a powerful object called Hogyoku and created a lot of chaos and many new powerful Hollows. Aizen is a highly intelligent character who is able to fake his own death and discover the whereabouts of Hogyoku, which should be kept secret. He was also able to plan all this unseen and beyond doubt. He even had allies with him such as Ichimaru Gin and Kaname Tosen, who also avoided the Gotei 13 Guards with ease.

Being able to plan meticulous thefts and time them perfectly is a huge feat. While Aizen is powerful, he is also a brilliant tactician who keeps his evil side to the end. Here is a list of anime characters who are smarter than him and might be able to beat him in battle.

10. Kiskuke Urahara

Urahara Kisuke

At number 10, we have another character from Bleach, Urahara Kiskuke. Kisuke is the former head of the Soul Society Research and Development department. He is the one who created Hokgyoku from the start. He was also able to hide his existence inside Rukia Kuchiki’s Gigai without him or anyone else knowing about it until Aizen.

Kisuke is very strong with Bankai who can restructure or dismantle anything that gets in his way. But he is also thoughtful and quick to respond to any problem with a very tough solution. Kisuke is always ready for any battle. He has preparation and wits that make great allies in battle. Kisuke is the anime equivalent of Batman when it comes to being prepared for anything.

These qualities make him the perfect character to start a list with.

9. Orochimaru


There are many similarities between Orochimaru and Aizen. Both of them are fraud masters. Just like Aizen, Orochimaru stole important forbidden Ninjutsu from Konoha. Orochimaru carefully planned his siege of Konoha during the Ch┼źnin exams which put all young shinobi at risk. His only plan was to destroy the entire village, and he was almost successful.

Like Aizen, Orochimaru is also very strong. He was able to kill the Kazekage without anyone even noticing. He then proceeded to take the form of Kazekage and go to ceremonies as him. He attacked from nowhere as Gara quickly transformed into Shukaku. After everything calmed down in chaos, Orochimaru revealed his true face, or rather the face he put on his real face.

And after all this, he was able to indirectly kill Hiruzen Sarutobi, those 3 peoplerd Hokage. All of this happened quickly and in a way that shocked and terrified everyone. Orochimaru is responsible for scaring the children who grew up with Naruto. He was also responsible for Naruto’s first big screen death.

True force of nature.

8. All for One

All For One My Hero Academia

In number 8, we have All for One, the villain who refuses to just walk away. As well as being incredibly powerful, All for One is also a master of long-term tactics. So far, he has been able to kill most of the One for All users and return to find the next user. He is responsible for giving All Might the life-threatening wound that stops him from getting stronger forever. The All for One may not seem that smart, but when you take a closer look, you start to see the advantages it has.

All for One has lived for centuries. He had a Life Force quirk that allowed him to live for over a hundred years. Living this long and battling such a powerful enemy truly gives him the perspective and mindset that major villains need in the long run. He was able to plant the Evil seed in Shikarai’s mind, and he also planned All Might’s downfall. It took a lot of time to kidnap Bakugo from under their noses and put an end to All Might’s quirk.

And even after all that, All for One is still alive and breathing. We said he might come back to try and destroy Deku one day.

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7. Detective Conan

Detective Conan: Scarlet Bullet

Conan is a character from the Detective Conan series. He is known to be smart; need we say more about what he can do? Whatever Aizen’s trick, Conan can quickly find a rationale and theory for it. He can look for clues that no one else can think of and eventually find the culprit. Conan can use his super intelligence to take down enemies who avoid the sight of law enforcement for a long time. She is a good number 7 entry on this list.

6. Shikamaru


At number 6, we have Shikamaru Nara. Another brilliant character from Naruto, Shikamaru, starts off as a lazy boy who prefers lying down rather than fighting. But as the series progresses, we are faced with its brilliance. Shikamaru became Naruto’s advisor when he became Hokage. This was because he had gained fame and trust over his years of fighting. He was able to come up with brilliant strategies beforehand to defeat the likes of Hidan. In addition, if things are going slowly, he can also revise old strategies and quickly come up with new ones. He was the ultimate strategist that anyone should fear.

5. L

20 Facts About "Death note" You should know

At number 5, there is L. Another world class detective, L, can determine Kira’s location in no time. This sounds like a common feat in the technology age. But remember, Kira is an unknown entity without a digital trace. No one knows if he actually exists, and since his crimes are basically world-wide, there is no way of determining where he is. To add to this already complex problem, the way to kill Kira is magical. In the first few episodes of Death Note, viewers think, how can this person be caught in such an ambiguous manner of murder?

But once we see L talking, we think, how is this guy going to live with L on his tail? L literally spun things up as soon as he walked in. This makes it worthy of a place on the list.

4. Senku


From the famous anime Dr. Stone, at number 4, there’s Senku Ishigami. Senku is a genius; There is no two ways about that. Math, Physics, Chemistry, throw anything at this guy, and he can find a solution. If the humans taught each other, then there was a high chance that Senku would know about it and also be proficient with it. It was he who was able to bring people back to life after they were all made living rock figures. His genius wasn’t a combat strategist type, but he didn’t fall behind in that aspect either. This makes him a versatile and worthy player for 4 playersth point.

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3. Norman

the promise neverland Season 2 episode 4

Getting into our top 3, we have Norman from The Promised Neverland. Norman, too, like Senku, is someone who can do anything. She is one of the three brightest kids in the Grace Field Orphanage. He quickly planned an entire strategy of escaping from the place, which would eventually have them killed. He appears to be sacrificing himself in the process, but it is later revealed that this is not true. The smart thing to do is leave behind a group of kids, but Norman comes up with a plan that can save most of them. And because of the plan, Ray and Emma are finally able to escape and save their friends. He is a noble and a genius.

2. Lelouch Lamperouge


At number 2, we have Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch, too, is an absolute beast when it comes to making military strategies. To bring down an entire kingdom was no easy task, but he made sure he achieved his goal. He also possesses the power of Geass, something that allows him to control whomever he wants once. With this super high strength and intelligence, Lelouch can easily overthrow governments and kingdoms.

1. Yagami Light

Light Yagami

And lastly, at number 1, we have Light Yagami. Light is the twisted protagonist of Death Note. He is someone who has a lot of plot advantage due to Note’s magical abilities but listens to us. Light took advantage of it like a genius. He finds loopholes in the rules, exploits, and sacrifices others for his own good. Light is someone who will do anything to keep himself safe and slaughter his enemies. Given that he has a lot of plot advantages, but still, he does things in a way that no one can predict, even after finding out about Note and its rules. Even the creators of the Death Note themselves have admitted that Light is, in fact, smarter than L. That makes the whole L Vs. Debate officer lightly. And if he could beat L, he would be much smarter than Aizen.

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